Jonkoping CA 90/6 (10 ov)
Seaside CC 90/6 (10 ov)
Match Drawn
Seaside CC win a rain-interrupted match on the golden-ball rule.

Seaside CC left it till the golden ball to win the match after ending at exactly 90 runs for six wickets in their allotted 10 overs.
Earlier, opting to bat first, Jonkoping CA dragged themselves to 90 runs due to the regular fall of wickets from either end. However, a strong partnership of over 40 runs between Bilal Munir and Muhammad Tanveer helped JCA resurrect themselves.

That's all from us here in the commentary team of Abhinav Singh and myself, Aakash Arya. Thank you for tuning in. Goodbye, and cheers!
Match Tied

Seaside CC 90 runs for six wickets after 10 overs.
9.6 Muhammad Tanveer to Usman Sarwar, fulltoss and the batsman swings but misses it completely, the bat is flung high in the air, loud appeal from the fielders and the umpire quietly raises his finger as Usman is given LBW OUT! OH WHAT A MATCH!  TIE it is!
TIE on cards? Place your bets fellas!
9.5 Muhammad Tanveer to Usman Sarwar, short and on the pads, the batsman slouches and hits to long leg for an all-important boundary. Two in two for Usman. SCORES LEVEL!
9.4 Muhammad Tanveer to Usman Sarwar, wide and outside off, the new batsman throws the kitchen sink on that one and gets boundary towards the wide third man region 
9.3 Muhammad Tanveer to Z Sabir, pitched on good length, batsman hits it straight to extra cover fielder who drops a dolly. The batsmen try running on a midfield and needed up getting run out. 
9.2 Muhammad Tanveer to Shreyas Murthy, yorker and hits it straight to long on for a solitary run
9.1 Muhammad Tanveer to Shreyas Murthy, pitched on lengths and Murrthy clobbers it to deep point for a couple!
Seaside CC 78 runs for four wickets after nine overs. Need 13 runs off the final six balls.
8.6 S Shirzad to Shreyas Murthy, a really loopy fulltoss and all the batsmen can get is s single to deep midwicket area
8.5 S Shirzad to Z Sabir, fulltoss and hit to cover point for a single
8.4 S Shirzad to Shreyas Murthy, hit around for a single
8.3 S Shirzad to Z Sabir, half volley and hit straight to long off boundary for a single 
8.2 S Shirzad to Shreyas Murthy, another one in the hole and batsman hits it straight to short mid on fielder 
8.1 S Shirzad to Rubel, TIMBERR! back after the rain-break and Shirzad fires this one straight in the hole and the timber is flying around. Rubel tried a wild swing on that one!
After a slight delay, PLAYERS are back in the MIDDLE!
UPDATE: It's pouring heavily and the players are going off the field
Seaside CC 73 runs for three wickets after eight overs. Need 18 runs off 12 balls.
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