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VFB Fallersleben 124/2 (10 ov)
SG Findorff E.V. 14/1 (1.3 ov)
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So, with this, we bring the curtains down to our live coverage of the league stage of ECS T10 Kummerfeld League. We hope you enjoyed this one! This is Shrey Gupta along with Kartik Iyer, signing off! Stay safe and stay tuned to Sportskeeda!
But, it just seemed that destiny had some other plans for VFB as due to rain the match got called off ultimately. From here, VFB will play against the SC Europa Cricket for the 5th spot and FDF will play the semi-final tomorrow!
Not an end to the league stages which we wanted, not an end which VFB Fallersleben would have wanted especially after having firm control over the match. Anyways, this was always on cards with the clouds looming and no covers on the pitch!
After winning the toss and batting first, VFB Fallersleben batsman gave them a good start, and capitalized that well later! With wickets in hand, Janardhan Siddaiaha took full advantage of that and pummeled the FDF bowling attack at the death. His exploits powered VFB to post a total of 124 and gave them a rare hope of winning their first match!
Unfortunately, the match has been called off. The points will be split between the two teams!
They are going off the field as the rain returns.
1.3 Y Sajikumar Pai to S Ashraf, struck on the pads and they take a leg bye.
1.2 Y Sajikumar Pai to A Ullah Dawodzy, full ball outside off played to point for a single.
1.1 Y Sajikumar Pai to A Wardak, OUT! CRASHESS!! Maybe the moisture in the pitch has made the batsman baffled! Odd bounce and he is clean bowled, trying to slog a full-pitched ball to the leg side.
1.1 Y Sajikumar Pai to A Wardak, wide outside off-stump.
The revised target is 92 runs! This means FDF needs 81 runs in 36 balls!
0.6 S Kumar Muthyala to S Ashraf, short ball defended to short cover, another dot ball.
0.5 S Kumar Muthyala to S Ashraf, played to point and there is no run.
0.4 S Kumar Muthyala to A Wardak, driven to cover for a single.
The news is that it will be a 7-over chase and powerplay will be for 2 overs.
The umpires and the players are having a check of the pitch and the outfield!
The umpires and players are back on the field and looking for a restart.
VFB Fallersleben is out of the reckoning for a semi-final spot and will be taking on SC Europa Cricket for the 5th spot later today.
SG Findorff E.V. has already qualified for the semi-finals to be played tomorrow.
It is still raining heavily. In case the match doesn't resume, it would not impact the semi-final qualification scenario.
There is a stoppage of play due to rain.
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