SG Hainhausen 1886 119/4 (10 ov)
FCA 04 Darmstadt 98/8 (10 ov)
SG Hainhausen 1886 won by 21 runs.
FCA04 Darmstadt finish on 98-8 at the end of 10 overs

SG Hainhausen beat FCA04 Darmstadt by 21 runs and book their spot in the final.

Hainhausen spin bowlers do the trick for them as they derail the Darmstadt batting lineup and foil their chase. The early loss of their openers Muhammad Tayyab and Muhammad Mudassar cost them big as they were not able to get the chase on track from thereon. Only two batsmen in their top five could venture into double figures with the keeper Husnain Kabeer leading with his hits in an attempt to stabilize the innings. Yasir Ahmed and Tahir Ahmad Ali were the picks of the bowlers for the Hainhausen side as they took five wickets going for just 36 runs combined. Badar Munir and Tahir Ahmed tried their best towards the end of the innings but it was too much to do in the end for the pair.

Earlier in the day, Tahir Ahmed Adil and Muneeb Mubashit had helped the Hainhausen put up a strong total of 119-4 with knocks of 42 and 44 at a good strike rate. Only Ghulam Saif and Tahir Ahmed could get wickets as all the bowlers were taken to the cleaners by the batsmen. 

With this win, SG Hainhausen has booked their spot in the finals of the ECS T10 Frankfurt tournament. They will await the winner of SV Wiesbaden 1899 and Darmstadt CC e.V that will take place soon today.

That's all from the live action from the first match of the day in Frankfurt today as the coverage of the ECS T10 Frankfurt continues here at Sportskeeda. This is me, Gaurav Kadam and my colleague Sameer Deodhar signing off!
9.6 Shakeel Hassan to Badar Munir, similar delivery, similar missed heave, same result! SG Hainhausen beat FCA04 Darmstadt by 21 runs!
9.5 Shakeel Hassan to Badar Munir, misses a slog on the full delivery outside off-stump
9.4 Shakeel Hassan to Tahir Ahmed, shuffles way outside off and rolls the ball over to deep square leg for a single
9.3 Shakeel Hassan to Tahir Ahmed, FOUR! Another short ball, another heave and the fielder overruns the delivery allowing it to roll over the fence!
9.2 Shakeel Hassan to Badar Munir, short ball on the body heaved straight to the fielder at deep square leg and another dolly goes down
9.1 Shakeel Hassan to Tahir Ahmed, Short ball on the stumps heaved to cow corner and the fielder DROPS a dolly! The batsmen take a single by then
FCD 91-8 at the end of 9th over

Adil grabs another wicket getting Kashif Tarar out with a stumping on the first delivery of the over. The new man Tahir Ahmed starts off with a couple of boundaries but Adil comes back well to stem the run flow. Munir ends the over with a good boundary towards the leg side

FCD need 29 runs in 6 balls
8.6 Tahir Ahmad Adil to Badar Munir, FOUR! Full delivery on the pads smoked into the gap at cow corner for a boundary!
8.5 Tahir Ahmad Adil to Tahir Ahmed, misses another slog but Munir steals a bye
8.4 Tahir Ahmad Adil to Tahir Ahmed, steps out and misses the slog on a full delivery. the keeper fails to collect it and misses the stumping
8.3 Tahir Ahmad Adil to Tahir Ahmed, FOUR! Shortish delivery on leg stump hoicked to deep mid-wicket. The fielder overruns the ball and then slips as the ball rolls over the fence!
8.2 Tahir Ahmad Adil to Tahir Ahmed, FOUR! Short ball near the shoulder picked over backward square leg to the boundary for four runs!
8.1 Tahir Ahmad Adil to Kashif Tarar, OUT! Misses the slog outside off and the keeper dislodges the bails in a flash as Tarar is standing outside his crease! What a waste of a wicket!
FCD 78-6 with the end of the 8th over

Ahmed comes in for his final over and after missing out on the hat-trick and expressing his fury on the teammates, conceded a couple of sixes but caps off his two overs with three wickets.

FCD need 42 runs in 12 balls 
7.6 Yasir Ahmed to Badar Munir, SIX! Short ball on the body dispatched over deep square leg for another maximum!
7.5 Yasir Ahmed to Ghulam Saif, OUT! Heaves the full delivery on middle stump to long-on and Yasir gets his third!
7.4 Yasir Ahmed to Ghulam Saif, misses a powerful slog outside off
7.3 Yasir Ahmed to Badar Munir, loopy full toss on the pads swept to deep mid-wicket for a single
7.2 Yasir Ahmed to Badar Munir, SIX! Full delivery on middle stump smoked over long-on for a maximum!
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