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SG Hainhausen 1886 148/2 (10 ov)
SV Wiesbaden 1899 81/9 (10 ov)
SG Hainhausen 1886 won by 67 runs.
And that's the end of a day of some high scoring entertaining contests. Thank you for joining us. Do join us for more fun tomorrow. Good-bye from Team Sportskeeda.
That's the end of the game. A handsome victory by 67 runs for SG Hainhausen, and mind you, that is HUGE in terms of a 10 over game. SV Wiensbaden was never really in the game. After Adil got out of the first ball, Rafeh Ahmad and Naser Ahmad took the game away from SV Wiensbaden with their fantastic cameos. Apart from their half centuries, the wicket-keeper batsman Muneeb Mubashir played a steady hand of 38. 

The target of 149 runs seemed huge from the outset, and most of the batsmen perished going for too many shots during the chase. They needed an exceptional start to get somewhere near the target, but the fall of two wickets in the initial over more or less decided the matters for them. It was a procession after that. Yasir Ahmed took 3 wickets and lead the bowling well. 
We are sorry, but we faced some technical issues towards the end of the match.
9.2 Full ball, stepped out and hit straight down the ground. Fielder showcasing some football skills at the long on boundary.
9.1 short ball, cut straight to the sweeper cover for a single.
71/9 in 9 overs. It is just formalities now.
8.6 Virk to M Zadran, Batsman tried to make room there, but the bowler followed him. Full toss, pushed to the long on boundary for a single.
8.6 Virk to A Zadran, short ball outside the leg stump, he tried to make contact but missed. Umpire signals a wide!
8.5 Virk to A Zadran, full ball, driven down the ground for a single. Captain will be on strike now.
8.4 Virk to A Zadran, FOUR! On the pads this time, and flicked it away. Rare boundary for them.
8.3 Virk to M Zadran, short ball at the body, guided it awkwardly to the thirdman for a comfortable single
8.2 Virk to I Khan, full ball on the pads, played it to the midwicket boundary for a singe.
8.1 Virk to I Khan, OUT! Gone! There goes the 9th wicket. And they are just one wicket away from victory here.
Now we can safely say how the match is going to end. An impossible score of 87 required from the last two overs. SVW are down and out.
7.6 R. Ahmad to A. Zadran, Another short delivery has been dispatched over mid-wicket for a six!
7.5 R. Ahmad to A. Zadran, Ahmad keeps nagging the shortish length on middle stump and Zadran defends!
7.4 R. Ahmad to A. Zadran, OUT! Short delivery smacked straight to deep mid-wicket! Seemed like a good shot, but ended up skewing it, and the fielder did the rest.
7.3 R. Ahmad to A. Zadran, FOUR! Bad delivery, short and on the ribs, pulled away to deep backward square leg! They are still going for it here. Poor delivery. but you have to put it away.
7.2 R. Ahmad to A. Zadran, Zadran stepped out and patted it on the off-side for a single
7.1 R. Ahmad to A. Zadran, Short delivery has been pulled away to deep square leg for a boundary!
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