SG Hainhausen 1886 141/3 (10 ov)
TSV Cricket Pfungstadt 127/5 (10 ov)
SG Hainhausen 1886 won by 14 runs.
That brings an end to our coverage of this exciting ECS contest. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live commentaries as well as the latest news. This is me, Avik Bose and my colleague, Sameer Deodhar, signing off.
Winning the toss and electing to bat first, SGH made a decent start to their innings. Skipper Mushabir and his partner Imran went off to a flyer. Slaughtered the bowling attack and kept the scoreboard ticking nicely. Mushabir scored a gallant 29 off 15 balls and Ali departed after scoring 24. TCP looked to be back in the hunt but Adil and Nasir made sure that the foot was not taken off the gas. Nasir chipped in with a useful cameo of 14 runs from 5 balls and took no prisoners. TCP lacked planning as well as execution in their bowling department. Bowlers were way above expensive. Pasha and Nasir took 2 and 1 scalps respectively but were no close to being economical. SGH put on a mammoth total of 136/3 from their 10 overs and even got 5 bonus penalty runs due to the slow bowling rate of the opposition.

Chasing an up-hill target of 142 from 60 balls, Habib departed quickly but skipper Nasar and Ahmad Khan carried on steadily. After 3 overs of the powerplay, TCP managed 43/1 and were looking on song to chase the total down. Nasar departed scoring 22 off 11 balls and Ahmad Khan went back to the pavilion after a brave knock of 30 from 16 balls. With 2 new batsmen on the crease, the task looked difficult and SGH pounced in at the right moment. Nasir Ahmad, Yasir Ahmed, and Ali Imran took 1 wicket each and made sure that the run flow was in control. There was a late flurry of boundaries from Akmal Ahmad but it was too little too late.TCP finally managed 127/5 from their 10 overs.

SGH thus win this thrilling contest by 14 runs and record their first win of the tournament.
End of the innings.
TCP 127/5 from 10 overs.
SGH win by 14 runs
9.6 Naeem Ahmad to Akmal Ahmad, full delivery on the stumps hit to mid-on for a single and Atif, in search of a second, gets himself run-out!
9.5 Naeem Ahmad to Akmal Ahmad, FOUR BYES! Misses the full toss outside off and the keeper lets it go to the ropes behind him. Another boundary for the batting team..
9.4 Naeem Ahmad to Akmal Ahmad, SIX! Steps down the track and smacks the full delivery outside off over deep covers for half a dozen runs! Great hit but its a bit too late
9.3 Naeem Ahmad to Akmal Ahmad, full delivery on the stumps slapped to mid-off for a single and the lazy throw allows the extra run for Akmal Ahmad!
9.2 Naeem Ahmad to Akmal Ahmad, he slaps the length ball along the ground to long-on and take the risky second
9.1 Naeem Ahmad to Akmal Ahmad, SIX! Short ball on the stumps slogged over long-on for a maximum! Too little too late it seems!
At the end of the penultimate over
TCP 103/4
Yasir Ahmed finishes a gem of an over. 4 runs and 1 wicket.
40 runs needed from 6 balls. Naeem Ahmad to BOWL the last over.
8.6 Yasir Ahmed to Akmal Ahmad, he lobbed the ball high up in the air right into the hands of the bowler who DROPS a dolly!
8.5 Yasir Ahmed to Ata-Ul-Kareem Pasha, OUT! Gets down on one knee and lofts the length ball from outside off straight to the man at long-on! Final nail in the coffin maybe!
8.4 Yasir Ahmed to Akmal Ahmad, short ball outside off heaved to the fielder at deep point who juggles the ball and eventually DROPS it!
8.3 Yasir Ahmed to Akmal Ahmad, misses the slog on a slower short ball outside off
8.2 Yasir Ahmed to Ata-Ul-Kareem Pasha, steps out and hoicks the ball short of long-off for just another single
8.1 Yasir Ahmed to Akmal Ahmad, short ball on off-stump slapped to long-off for just a single
End of the 8th over
TCP 99/3
Extras given :14
43 runs needed from 12 balls
7.6 Ali Raza Virk to Ata-Ul-Kareem Pasha, digs out the yorker on the off-side and Virk quickly reaches to the ball avoiding the batsmen to take the single
7.5 Ali Raza Virk to Ata-Ul-Kareem Pasha, FOUR! Dances down and slaps the short ball past mid-wicket for a boundary! A crucial boundary in the context of the match.
7.4 Ali Raza Virk to Ata-Ul-Kareem Pasha, full delivery on middle stump driven to covers and the misfield allows an extra run
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