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Ajman Alubond 110/3 (10 ov)
Sharjah Bukhatir XI 111/7 (10 ov)
Sharjah Bukhatir XI won by 3 wickets
That's it from the game everyone. We hope that you enjoyed this nail biter by Sharjah Bukhatir XI against Ajman Alubond. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Pradeep Somashekar and alongside me, Prashanth Satish signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
This has been one of the best nail biting finishes of the recent times! Out of nowhere, Sharjah Bukhatir XI have pulled off a victory in this match! Ajman Alubond somewhere they lost the trick in the second half of the innings and let go the match easily, it was theirs for taking for most part of this match! Umair Ali is the star of the show for Sharjah Bukhatir as he massacred the bowling and amassed 36(13),magnificent innings from him that put this chase back on track, with him Syam Ramesh 22(10) who played beautifully as well, kept hitting those crucial boundaries every over, although Umair Ali departed, Syam Ramesh was their hopes to pull this one off and Ali Anwaar in the final over hit the crucial boundary to tie the scores and he hits a skier of the final ball and the fielder drops a sitter!

Earlier in the innings Ajman Alubond were terrific with the ball, especially Saqib Manshad 25/3 who picked up 3 crucial wickets to break the back of Sharjah Bukhatir XI, at one point they were 34/4 after 5 overs, who would've thought they would come back and win this from that stage! Sharif Asadullah and Omer Farooq proved to be expensive in the end as they gave away too many! Dropping crucial catches hurt them big time in this match and they themselves got to blame for this loss!
What an exciting end to this cricket match we've had! Heartbreak for Ajman Alubond, they dropped a sitter on the final ball! Sharjah Bukhatir have won this match from no where by 3 wickets!
9.6 Sharif Asadullah to Ali Anwaar, slower ball and it has popped up straight up in the air but replays show that the fielder didn't take the catch convincingly. That means Sharjah have won this game. Terrific game and a terrific end to it as well fittingly.
SBK win by 3 wickets!
9.5 Sharif Asadullah to Ali Anwaar, FOUR! Scores level! Thick outside edge and it has run away to the third man fence. DRAMA continues.
1 needed off 1 now
9.4 Sharif Asadullah to Ali Anwaar, played to deep midwicket and they get back for two
9.4 Sharif Asadullah to Muhammad Farooq, OUT! Full delivery and the batsman finds the fielder running in from long-on. Terrific catch under pressure, outstanding from the fielder to maintain such composure.
9.3 Sharif Asadullah to Muhammad Farooq, FOUR! Short delivery pulled to the square leg fence. Massive relief for the batting side
9.2 Sharif Asadullah to Muhammad Farooq Ramesh, WIDE! Short and wide going down leg. Twists and turns keep on continuing
9.1 Sharif Asadullah to Muhammad Farooq Ramesh, swing and a miss outside off stump. DOT BALL to start. 
Umair Ali powers 2 SIX'es in that over and perishes, crucial wicket that for Ajman Alubond! They are relieved! SB are 99/6 after 9 overs! They need 12 runs from that last over! Could go either way in the final over!
8.6 Sharif Asadullah to Syam Ramesh, swing and a miss outside off stump. DOT BALL!
8.5 Sharif Asadullah to Syam Ramesh, short again and they get a double to deep midwicket off the pull
8.4 Sharif Asadullah to Muhammad Farooq, short again and played to long-off
8.4 Sharif Asadullah to Muhammad Farooq, WIDE! Way outside off stump
8.3 Sharif Asadullah to Umair Ali, OUT! Short and wide and the batsman gets an outside edge to the keeper. Massive wicket that as the batsman was starting to look destructive.
8.2 Sharif Asadullah to Umair Ali, SIX! Full toss and is sent over long-on this time. What a turnaround this has been. Terrific hitting on display and below-par bowling.
8.1 Sharif Asadullah to Umair Ali, SIX! Full toss and flicked away over square leg. Excellent start for the batting side.
That was not a bad effort by Sharjah Bukhatir to pick up 14 runs from it, these two just don't want to give up yet! SB are 83/5 after 8 overs! They need 28 runs in 12 balls!
7.6 Ameer Hamza to Syam Ramesh, SIX! Short outside off and is picked and pulled over the midwicket boundary. Massive strike that!
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