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Sharjah Bukhatir XI 134/5 (9.3 ov)
Sharjah Bukhatir XI won by 5 wickets

Sharjah Bhukatir XI thump Fujariah Pacific Ventures by 5 wickets with 3 balls remaining
That, viewers brings us to the end of what seemed to be a thrilling contest between  two good teams.Coming into the chase, SBK started off on a quiet note. They lost two wickets in the first three overs making things difficult for the middle-order.None of their batsmen could score boundaries at will. Fayyaz tried to keep things together but could not keep at it. What followed was a fantastic innings from Umair Ali. He had a go at very delivery and smacked things out of the park. He toyed with the bowlers scoring 60 off just 17 deliveries well supported by Junaid Shamzu who scored 13 off just 5 deliveries as SBK beat FPV.

That is it from us here at Sportskeeda, viewers. we hope you enjoyed our coverage of this contest. Do join us for the games tomorrow. Till then, this is Manoj Sarma and my partner Dwijesh Reddy signing off! Adios!
9.3 Waseem Muhammad to Junaid Shamzu, short ball outside off and Junaid slaps it down the ground for a four! That is the game for SBK. What a nail-biting this has turned out to be.
9.2 Waseem Muhammad to Junaid Shamzu, short ball from Waseem and Junaid mistimes a pull towards square leg for a quick double
9.1 Waseem Muhammad to Junaid Shamzu, SIX! Junaid joins the party as he is gifted a full-toss on the middle stump. Heaved to the midwicket boundary for a maximum!
122 for 5 at the end of ninth over. Just 9 needed of the last over. What a knock from Umair Ali. What a nail-biting contest this is turning out to be.
8.6 Sheraz Piya to Umair Ali, SIX! Umair Ali, you beauty! Full ball once again but Umair Ali heaves it over the deep midwicket boundary for another SIX! Just 9 to win now off the final six deliveries! Three in Three. Boy Oh Boy ! Insane batting !!
8.5 Sheraz Piya to Umair Ali, SIX MORE! Umair Ali is turning this game on its head as he smashes a full ball at the sightscreen for his seventh six. He brings up his fifty of just 16 balls! Two in Two from Umair's bat. He is keen to win it for his team. Brilliant hitting.
8.4 Sheraz Piya to Umair Ali, SIX! A rubbish ball from Piya who bowls a full-toss on middle stump, Umair Ali collects another maximum as he is just short off well deserved half-century.
8.3 Sheraz Piya to Umair Ali, slower yorker outside off, nothing Umair Ali can do there. Dot ball!
8.2 Sheraz Piya to Junaid Shamzu, Junaid fails to connect with a pull shot but Ali calls for the bye. They scurry and complete a quick bye
8.1 Sheraz Piya to Umair Ali, Ali lofts one to the long-on fielder, who takes a good catch but it is a free-hit! Single taken!
8.1 Sheraz Piya to Junaid Shamzu, NO-BALL! Piya oversteps as Junaid digs a yorker out to deep cover for a single. Boy Oh Boy !! Now is not the time for extras. Things getting bad for FPV now. Free hit ball coming up as Umair Ali is on strike.
HUGE over for the SBK thanks to some fantastic hitting from Umair Ali. 100 for 5 after 8 and SBK need 31 off the last two overs. Can Umair Ali do it for the SBK?
7.6 Rishab Mukherjee to Umair Ali, ALI GETS ANOTHER FOUR! A thick edge off a pull shot but that is enough to beat square leg for another boundary! What a over this is for SBK!
7.5 Rishab Mukherjee to Umair Ali, ANOTHER SIX! Change of angle for Rishabh but not his fortunes! Full ball on middle and leg, Ali gets down on one knee and launches this one to the long-on region for a six! 22 of the over with one delivery to go. Can Ali go big once again and turn things in SBK's favour.
7.4 Rishab Mukherjee to Umair Ali, FOUR! Rishabh drags it short and on leg, Umair makes room and pulls it square of the wicket for four! Poor delivery ! Pitched very short as Umair Ali sits on one knee and picks his gap.
7.3 Rishab Mukherjee to Umair Ali, SIX MORE! Ali is putting on a clinic here! Short ball outside off and Ali whacks it over long-off for a maximum! Pitched that delivery a tad short allowing the batsman to get under the delivery and whack it for a maximum.
7.3 Rishab Mukherjee to Umair Ali, wide ball outside off!
7.2 Rishab Mukherjee to Umair Ali, SIX! Short from Rishabh and Ali smashes it over the deep square leg boundary for SIX! SMOKED ! That has been smoked high and long over the fence.
7.1 Rishab Mukherjee to Syam Ramesh, WICKET! Mukherjee bowls it outside off and sucks Ramesh into mistiming a slog. The man at long-on takes a nice and easy catch as Ramesh has to depart! Goes high but does not go the distance. 5 down for SBK.
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