Kista Cricket Club 105/3 (10 ov)
Sigtuna CC 67/6 (10 ov)
Kista Cricket Club won by 38 runs.
In the end, the highly anticipated encounter turns to be a one-sided contest as KCC steamroll STCC. They win by 39 runs and remain unbeaten in the tournament. KCC and its match-winners coming together and making sure the team puts another commanding performance. Arif, Khatri, Siddiqui being the star performers while others chipping-in with valuable contributions. As for STCC, they have lost their second game of the day. Tough luck indeed! They will need to dust themselves off and prepare for the next match!
Until next time, this is Abhinav Singh and my partner Dwijesh Reddy signing off. Stay safe, stay indoors and keep washing your hands, Cheers Fellas!
9.6 A Zaidi to A Singh, BOWLED! That's the end of the Sigtuna CC innings. Yorker from Zaidi and Singh doesn't get the bat down in time! A comprehensive win for Kista CC, who remain unbeaten in the tournament!
Final ball coming up!
9.5 A Zaidi to A Mir, full on the middle stump. Again, Mir gets it to long on for a single! Arif is not giving away anything, even with the match in bag
9.4 A Zaidi to A Singh, heaved to long on by Singh. Another single taken! STCC are not even trying now, just going through the motions
9.3 A Zaidi to A Mir, full on leg-stump, Mir gets a leading edge but gets the single! Arif bowling it ever-so gently
9.2 A Zaidi to A Mir, Slower one, kept a bit low, missed by the batsmen
9.1 A Zaidi to Z Kiyani, GOOD CATCH THAT BY ALEEM! Zaidi angles that one in and Kiyani goes after it. Doesn't get much power on it and a brilliant grab by the long-on fielder! Arif gets in the wicket column yet again, great stuff young man!
Final 6 deliveries remaining and STCC need impossible 42 runs! KCC have outplayed their opponent
8.6 N Khan to Z Kiyani, Khan bowls it straighter this time and Kiyani plays it to long-on for a single!
8.5 N Khan to Z Kiyani, a bit too full on off, Ziyani lofts it to long on but can't clear the boundary! 43 required off 7!
8.4 N Khan to Z Kiyani, strays on to the pads, Kiyani pulls it past square leg and gets FOUR! Kiyani connects it finally, but too little too late?!
8.3 N Khan to A Mir, full-toss but Mir can only get a single! Still no boundary!
8.2 N Khan to A Mir, full ball outside off, beats the batsman's wild swing of the bat! Looks like Mir wanted to put it in the orbit, but misses it spectacularly 
8.1 N Khan to Z Kiyani, full on middle, Kiyani plays it to the leg side for a single! No sir, we need some fireworks.
STCC 55/5 after 8 overs, They need 55 off the remaining 12 deliveries. Herculean task! Only a miracle can get STCC home
7.6 A Zaidi to Kiyani, UP IN THE AIR...but it lands safely again! Kiyani takes a single and keeps strike!
7.6 A Zaidi to A Mir, WIDE! Way outside off and the batsmen scamper for a quick run! Extras won't even help STCC now
7.5 A Zaidi to A Mir, full ball outside off and Amir looks to loft it over the leg side. The ball was in the air for some time but falls in no man's lands! Asif runs a good 20-25 yards to get to the ball and throws it quickly to the keeper
7.4 A Zaidi to A Mir, two runs! 56 required off 14 balls now
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