Empire Blades 92/10 (10 ov)
SKK Rapids 94/2 (9.3 ov)
SKK Rapids won by 8 wickets
SKK was off for a brisk start courtesy Peter Gallagher who started off brilliantly. Two wickets fell quickly, and the scoring got slow.  Raaz Mohamad and Amjad Sher of Empire Blades bowled brilliantly in the middle overs and put a brake on the scoring.  After their spell ended, none of the bowlers looked like bowling well. Peter Gallagher still was at the crease and was batting sensibly.  He along with Jake Goodwin rotated the strike and whenever there was a loose ball it was punished.  

Empire Blades had their chance in the 8th over when Peter smashed one in the air to the deep square leg boundary but miscommunication between two fielders resulted in a dropped catch. They finished off the game in last over easily as Empire Blades had run out of their regular bowlers and had to rely on their part-timers to do the job.

Peter Gallagher ended up scoring 50 runs off 32 balls and Jake Goodwin scored 24 runs off 16 balls. It was a close finish for SKK Rapids. They will face Helsinki Cricket Club in the finals.

Empire Blades will be happy with their performance in this game but would have loved to pull this one-off. They have a lot of things to work on to improve as a team and these learnings will help them perform better in future tournaments.

That's it from our end for this match. Don't miss to watch our coverage of the final match. This is Nikhil Kulkarni, along with my colleague, Pradeep Somashekar signing off. Stay Safe and Take Care!. 
9.3 U Nandini to P Gallagher, FOUR! Flighted towards off stump and Gallagher finishes it and he picks up his fifty with the boundary! Captain's innings and wins it in style for SKK Rapids and they reach the finals in emphatic style!
9.2 U Nandini to J Goodwin, On the offstump, Goodwin tries to heave it but edges it for a single!
9.1 U Nandini to P Gallagher, On the off stump, Gallagher edge it for a single!
SKK are 88/2 after 9th over.  SKK need 5 runs from 6 balls.
Bhupesh looked out of sorts bowling that over, he was all over the place. He bowled two wide and gave away 13 runs. He looked in pressure and SKK took the advantage of it. 
8.6 B Khoda to P Gallagher, Full on the offside, just dabs to the mid off for a single!
8.5 B Khoda to P Gallagher, Outside off and Gallagher just dabs to cover for no run!
8.4 B Khoda to J Goodwin, Comes down the track and hits to mid on for a single!
8.3 B Khoda to J Goodwin, Full on the outside off and he sends one on the long off for a SIX!
8.2 B Khoda to P Gallagher, Down the legside again, they run a single!
8.2 B Khoda to P Gallagher, Slower one and it's way outside leg stump and the keeper misses too! 
8.1 B Khoda to J Goodwin, Slower one, hit towards deep point region for a single!
SKK are 75/2 after 8th over. SKK need 18 runs from 12 balls.
Big miscommunication between the fielders and they ended up dropping the catch of Peter Gallagher. He cashed on it and smashed a six of the last ball of the over. A very important over coming up.
7.6 H Kumar to P Gallagher, SIX! Full on the pads and Gallagher sends that sailing towards deep square leg boundary for half a dozen!
7.5 H Kumar to J Goodwin, Slower ball on the leg side, it's up in the air there is a miscommunication, 2 fielder converge and they DROP that!
7.4 H Kumar to J Goodwin, Slower delivery and it's full on the offside, Goodwin tries to heave it towards square leg boundary and misses it completely!
7.3 H Kumar to J Goodwin, FOUR! Short delivery outside and Goodwin hits it well and that's a boundary! Welcome boundary here!
7.2 H Kumar to J Goodwin, Straight through the batsman as he misses it completely! Excellent slower delivery!
7.2 H Kumar to J Goodwin, Slower ball and it goes on the legside, WIDE called, keeper misses and they run 2!
7.1 H Kumar to P Gallagher, Short on the offside, guided to the deep point region for a single!
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