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Barcelona Gladiators 110/2 (10 ov)
Skyways 111/4 (8.3 ov)
Skyways won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Adeel Arif
Skyways win by 6 wickets!

That is it from this game between Barcelona Gladiators and Skyways in the European Cricket Series Barcelona T10. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the latest updates. This is me, Abhinav & my colleagues, Farzan & Pratyush signing off. Take care and thank you!
What an astounding win for Skyways, who win their FIRST match in the ECS, by pulling off an astounding 6-wicket win over the Barcelona Gladiators. The star of the show for them was undoubtedly Adeel Arif, who single-handedly yanked this game off the hands of the opposition, with an unbelievable 83* off just 27 balls, studded with 9 fours & 7 massive sixes, while Rabi Asif was the only other batsman to get into double digits for Skyways, scoring 12 runs from 7 balls, but there was precious little else from the other batsmen.

For the Barcelona Gladiators, Shahid Nazir was the pick of the bowlers, with bowling figures of 1/2 in 1.2 overs with an astounding wicket-maiden first over, which had seemed to close this game out in favour of the Barcelona Gladiators, with Babar Basharat also taking a wicket and ending with figures of 1/15 in his 2 overs, Ali Raza had 1/14 in his 1 over of bowling, while Mohammad Umar ended up with the other wicket and had 1/31 in 2 overs. But it was that fateful 8th over of this innings bowled by Tanzeer Ur Rahman which totally swung this game out in favour of Skyways with 36 runs from it and that was that.

It's been a long time coming for Skyways, who were winless in the ECS and had the ignominy of being dismissed for 34 in their previous game, but they've come back splendidly to recover & win an absolute heart-stopper of a game.
Over: 9 | Summary: 0 1w 0 2b Bowler: Shahid Nazir Score: 0/0
8.3 Shahid Nazir to Awais Waleed, WHAT A BIZARRE WAY TO GET THE VICTORY! That's the ECS for everybody! Pitched outside the 22 yards, that's a no ball and the batsmen sneak a single as well. A shame that the winning runs didn't come from Arif's bat, but what a knock that was!

Skyways win by 6 wickets! Their first win of the tournament!
8.2 Shahid Nazir to Awais Waleed, good length delivery outside off stump, Waleed backs away and slashes at it but fails to make contact
8.2 Shahid Nazir to Awais Waleed, that's been given as a wide!
8.1 Shahid Nazir to Awais Waleed, good length delivery outside off stump, Awais swings and misses
Bloody hell, Adeel Arif has single-handedly swung this over and game in favour of the Skyways, with 36 RUNS off the over and after 8 overs, they are 108/4 and need just 3 runs from 2 overs. Shahid Nazir has to bowl another brilliant over like his previous one to keep this game alive somehow.
Over: 8 | Summary: 4 1w 6 6 6 1w 6 6 Bowler: Tanzeer Ur Rehman Score: 108/4
7.6 Tanzeer Ur Rehman to Adeel Arif, STAGGERING! JUST STAGGERING! In the slot on middle stump, Arif hammers this through the like he has throughout this innings and that gone back over the bowlers head for a maximum
7.5 Tanzeer Ur Rehman to Adeel Arif, OH WOW! THAT'S OUTTA HERE! Good length delivery on off stump, Arif steps out and dismisses this one back in the stands over midwicket
7.5 Tanzeer Ur Rehman to Adeel Arif, straying from his line. That's a wide.
7.4 Tanzeer Ur Rehman to Adeel Arif, DISPATCHED! SIX MORE! In the slot delivery on off stump, Arif clobebrs this over midwicket for another maximum! One man army this!
7.3 Tanzeer Ur Rehman to Adeel Arif, SHOT! SIX MORE! Good length delivery on middle stump, Arif hoicks it towards deep square leg and the fielder can just watch the ball sail over his head!
7.2 Tanzeer Ur Rehman to Adeel Arif, SIX! Short of a length delivery at waist height into the batsman, Arif swivels pulls it over fine leg and gets the maximum!
7.2 Tanzeer Ur Rehman to Adeel Arif, drifting down the leg side. WIDE!
7.1 Tanzeer Ur Rehman to Adeel Arif, EDGED! FOUR! FIFTY! Full delivery outside off stump, Arif swings his bat at it this time and gets an outside edge that races away to the third man boundary
Outstanding over for the Barcelona Gladiators, as Shahid Nazir bowls a wicket maiden over and after 7 overs, Skyways are 72/4, needing another 39 runs in 3 overs. Awais Waleed is the new batsman.
Over: 7 | Summary: 0 0 0 0 0 W Bowler: Shahid Nazir Score: 72/4
6.6 Shahid Nazir to Babar Ali, OUT! CAUGHT! PATHETIC BATTING BY ALI! He's left his side in a rut here and gifted a wicket maiden to the opposition. Banged in short outside off stump, he finally connects with one and it's a top edge which is pouched by third man!
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