Pakistan 140/9 (20 ov)
South Africa 141/4 (14 ov)
South Africa won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: George Linde
21:14 IST! So that was that from us, the series is one-all heading into the third match here at the Wanderers, after a day's break. Both Pakistan and South Africa have played their near-perfect games to set up an enterprising clash on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the action continues on Sportskeeda Sporting Universe, so quickly switch tabs and scoot over to the Punjab Kings versus Rajasthan Royals match where the newly christened Punjab side is on a rampage. This is Abhinav Singh and my partner Soorya Shesha, signing off. Until next time, GOODBYE and GOOD NIGHT!
Babar Azam (Pakistan skipper): The batting collapsed and the early wickets were the cause as we never got the momentum. Credit to South Africa as they bowled well. I think we were too aggressive initially. We could not get any partnership in the middle. They bowled well which was the main cause for the collapse. We were not complacent! At the end of the day, you get different wickets. It didn't pan out as we planned. I have the confidence in my team that we will do well

George Linde (Man of the Match): Obviously, it is never easy bowling in the powerplay. I am glad it worked out well for us. We had a game plan, and it played in our favour, I was happy that he (Rizwan) came down the track on me. I didn't have a good last match so happy with my performance. Not sure about the surface, it was alright (laughs). Markram played a great innings for us and showed that the wicket wasn't as bad. Chased down the target in 14 overs. Trying to visualise a lot in my mind how to go about things. Was visualising yesterday while coming into the match

Heinrich Klassen ( South Africa Skipper): Very pleased! The execution was spot on. The guys begged me for an opportunity and they played well. The guys were waiting for the opportunity and executed and that's what has put a smile on my face. The wicket is good, it still is a 180-190 wicket for me. I think our bowlers bowled well. We wanted to play aggressive and at the same time smart cricket as well, not cowboy cricket. Today, we steadied the ship in the end. I could have easily gone in the middle and hit some sixes and finished the game early but we wanted to be smart about our work. At the end of the day, we have got some quality domestic players in the side. To give them fair opportunities is the right way to go about things. 
South Africa win by 6 wickets with 36 balls to spare

20:56 IST
! Authroartive is the word that comes into mind, seeing this batting performance from the SA batting line up. The paltry target of 141 was never going to be enough for the Pakistan bowlers to defend as openers Aiden Markram and Janneman Malan were off the blocks in a brisk fashion. Both clobbered the opening Pakistan bowlers to all parts of the park, cutting and pulling anything that was short and lofting anything that was pitched up!

Off spinner, Mohammad Nawaz was the first bowler to get the stick as Malan was severe on him, taking him apart for 12 runs in the first over as skipper Babar Azam had to take him out of the attack straightaway. Hassan Ali, who was brought into the attack in the fifth over, started off the over by being smoked for a MAXIMUM. However, he came back well and took the wicket of Malan to spice things up!

While Pakistan might have though they were in with an outside chance to fashion a comeback, Aiden Markram had other plans. The stylish, level-headed right hand dasher went on a rampage and worked his way to a well crafted fifty that involved 7 boundaries and three huge half-a-dozen's. 

Leg spinner Usman Qadir did take two wickets in his three overs spell and gave some anxious moments to the South African camp but skipper Heinrich Klassen at the crease ensured that no untoward accident happened at the end and SA coasted to a victory. To apply the finishing touches, he was joined by George Linde, presumably the Man of the Match in today's contest as he also smashed some lusty blows from the middle of the bat to get some batting practice under his belt.

All in all, it was a disappointing performance from the men-in-green as they never competed in the game, right from the first ball of the first innings! Babar Azam will have to marshall his troops once again after the euphoric high of the ODI series victory and the first match dominance as the young South African side has momentum at their end and have found a perfect recipe to go about their business. Hit'em hard and hit 'em well seems to be the mantra of SA think tank ahead of the T20 world cup scheduled to be held in India, later this year and so far in the two matches, they have shown the intent and application to adhere to the new formula. 
Over: 14 | Summary: 2 6 1 6 1 1 Bowler: Shaheen Afridi Score: 141/4
13.6 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Heinrich Klaasen, AND THERE IT IS! Klaasen pinches a single as he jams this yorker outside off in front of square and crosses over before the bowler gets across to it. It's been a complete annihilation from South Africa - they have beaten Pakistan by 6 wickets with as many overs to spare to level the series 1-1!
13.5 Shaheen Shah Afridi to George Linde, very full and wide outside off, guides it through the covers for a single to level the scores
13.4 Shaheen Shah Afridi to George Linde, SIX! SMOTHERED! Dropped short outside off and Linde murders a pull over square leg; way back into the stands leaving South Africa just two away from achieving series parity! South Africa one shot away from glory!
13.3 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Heinrich Klaasen, on a length outside off, guided through point for a single. Klassen looking to finish the chase in a conventional method
Into the single digits now! 9 runs required in 40 balls
13.2 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Heinrich Klaasen, SIX! BEAUTIFUL SHOT! Full and on middle and leg, Klaasen goes back and across before extending the arms off the bottom hand over wide long on and clearing the ropes. Didn't even have to run given the purity of the timing on that!
13.1 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Heinrich Klaasen, MISFIELD! Shaheen starts a new spell from around the wicket, angles it back of a length around off as Klaasen tucks it off the back foot before charging across; the man at long on fumbles under pressure and allows the batsmen to complete the second! Pakistan wilting in the field here
Finally, Shaheen Afridi [2-0-13-0] is brought into the attack

Pakistan and its problems in the fielding department coming to the fore in the last over as Sharjeel Khan overran a regulation take and gave a reprieve to Linde. 18 runs required in the remaining 42 deliveries
Over: 13 | Summary: 1 1 2 1 4 1 Bowler: Usman Qadir Score: 124/4
12.6 Usman Qadir to Heinrich Klaasen, tossed up on leg-stump, pushed off the front foot to the man at long on as Klaasen retains strike!
12.5 Usman Qadir to Heinrich Klaasen, FOUR! Dragged down on leg-stump, Klaasen helps himself to a powerful pull behind square and beats the fielder in the deep on the dive as he was a touch too square!
12.4 Usman Qadir to George Linde, back of a length this time, tucked off the back foot towards long on for another single
Sharjeel Khan, making his comeback after 4 years lets go a big chance begging!
12.3 Usman Qadir to George Linde, OH DEAR! THE FIELDER OVERRUNS THAT! Tossed up full around off-stump, Linde clears his front leg and swings very high over long on, the man in the deep runs in and loses it in the sun as the ball drops over his head to fall safe. Sums up a tough day for Pakistan!
12.2 Usman Qadir to Heinrich Klaasen, full on fifth stump line, leans into it off the front foot towards long off before crossing over
12.1 Usman Qadir to George Linde, back of a length outside leg, tucked off the back foot towards mid-wicket for a single
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