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Central Castries 70/5 (10 ov)
South Castries Lions 71/1 (8 ov)
South Castries Lions won by 9 wickets
A clinical performance by the South Castries Lions as they chase the target of 71 runs down with 9 wickets in hand and 2 overs remaining!!

A rather easy win for the South Castries Lions as they dominated throughout the match first with the ball by restricting the Central Castries for the lowest total of 70 runs and then with the bat as Johnson Charles who is also the opener for the West Indies show his class by blasting 42 runs off 20 deliveries which consisted of 4 boundaries and 3 sixes and alongside him Tonius Simon who played the anchoring role through the innings by scoring 16 runs and thus chasing the target in 8 overs.

That's it for the game everyone. We hope that you enjoyed watching the Daren Sammy lead South Castries Lions marching through with an amazing victory in St. Lucia T10 blast Match 21. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for of the live cricketing action, this is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Nikhil Kulkarni signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
7.6 A.Prospere to Charles, He backs away makes room and on one knee smashes it to deep cover for a six. He hits it to his stand named after him. What a way to finish. Clinical performance from SCL.
7.5 A.Prospere to Simon, He tucks it behind keeper but hits his pads. Bowler appeals for a LBW but its way down the legside
7.4 A.Prospere to Charles, Short on offside, He cuts it to deep cover for a single
7.3 A.Prospere to Simon, Bowled on legside, He easily tucks it away to square leg
7.2 A.Prospere to Charles, Short of a length he guides it to third-man for a single
7.2 A.Prospere to Charles, Wide on the offside
7.1 A.Prospere to Simon, Short of length on offside, He cuts it to offside
At the end of the 7th over SCL is 59 for 1. They now need 12 runs of the remaining 3 overs. The CCMH needs to put pressure on the batters by not letting them rotate the strike easily.
6.6 Elibox to Simon, He tucks it away to fine leg for single.
6.5 Elibox to Charles, Hit to deep mid-wicket for a single
6.4 Elibox to Charles, Tries to smash it but the ball lands at mid-wicket
6.3 Elibox to Simon, Pushes it to cover for a single
6.2 Elibox to Simon, He cuts it away to cover
6.1 Elibox to Charles, He gets a edge and runs past keeper
At the end of the 6th over SCL is 55 for 1. Charles looks in a hurry to finish this game as he hits 2 big sixes in the over. SCL needs 16 runs off 24 balls now.
5.6 James to Simon, He defends it to offside, Another good length delivery
5.5 James to Simon, Good length delivery, Pushes it to mid-off
5.4 James to Charles, Cut to point for a single
5.3 James to Charles, He smashes it to covers for another six
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