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Gros Islet Cannon Blasters won by 8 runs.
So thats it from this Super 4 clash from myself, Sarthak Karkhanis and my co-commentator Nikhil Kulkarni. Do switch tabs and join us for the next game between the Central Castries and Mon Repos Stars. Goodbye and hope you enjoyed the coverage!
So Blasters rap this up with ease in the end as they win the game by 8 runs. The South Castries Lions got off to a slow start with just 13 runs in the powerplay and never really recovered from that point. Simon tried to revive the innings with his big-hitting but it wasn't enough. 2 time World T20 winner Sammy fell cheaply for 8, and SCL batsmen didn't give enough support to Simon. In the bowling card, the Larry, Dornan and Sexius were economical and that was enough to restrict the SCL team as GICB win their 2nd consecutive match. 
9.6 T.Chicot to C.Callender, Full length delivery on offside, He has fiercely smashed it to long off for a boundary and thats the end of the innings.
9.5 T.Chicot to C.Callender, He has smashed it to deep midwicket for a Maximum. It was in the slot for the batsmen and he has made full use of it.
9.4 T.Chicot to C.Callender, Full length delivery on offside, He gets a inside edge to short fine leg and they take a single
9.3 T.Chicot to C.Callender, Good length delivery on middle and leg, He has hit it to mid-wicket. No run there and this is slipping away.
9.2 T.Chicot to C.Callender, Full length in the block hole, He has hit to deep mid-wicket they take quick two runs.
9.1 T.Chicot to Tonius Simon, Short of length on offside, Pulls it away to long on but just a single.
Just the 4 runs in that crucial penultimate over. They are 67/3 after 9 overs and need 22 runs in the final over to clinch this game
8.6 D.Edward to Tonius Simon, Another good delivery, He tucks it to fine leg for a single. Excellent over from Edwards!.
8.5 D.Edward to Tonius Simon, He tries to pull it away and misses it. 
8.4 D.Edward to Tonius Simon, He has pushed it to legside for a single. Sort ball
8.3 D.Edward to C.Callender, He has nudged that away to offside for a single
8.2 D.Edward to Tonius Simon, Short of a length, He tries to pull it and misses. Googly from bowler there.
8.1 D.Edward to Tonius Simon, Wide on the offside, Rushes to batsmen missed by keeper.
6 runs of that over as Edward keeps it tight. 27 runs needed in last 12 balls.
7.6 L.Edward to C.Callender, He tries to smash it straight above the bowlers head and misses it.
7.5 L.Edward to Tonius Simon, He is cramped for room manages to hit to deep backward square leg.
7.4 L.Edward to C.Callender, Short of a length on offside, He has cut it to deep point fielder.
7.3 L.Edward to Tonius Simon, He has it to mid-wicket for a single. 
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