South Castries Lions 94/4 (10 ov)
Mon Repos Stars 88/6 (10 ov)
South Castries Lions won by 6 runs.
How could this come so close? Lions must have their hearts in the mouth after a brutal assault by K Augustin, who out of nowhere spooked a life in this dead match. Stars were down and out for most part of the chase until Augustin smashed 25 off Gabriel in the penultimate over to get the Adrenalin running in the Mon Repos Stars camp. With 15 needed of the last over, it could have been anyone's game but an outstanding final over by Charlemagne sealed the match for South Castries. This game was a perfect example of never say never until it's actually over. So, that's it from this match but keep tuned in to Sportskeeda as there is another cracking contest going on between Gros Islet Cannon Blaster and Central Castries. Here's me, Faham Haider signing off along with my colleague, Nikhil Kulkarni. 
Mon Repos Stars : 88/6 at the end of innings Terrific over by Charlemagne and South Castries win by 6 runs
9.6 Charlemagne to K.Gaston, OUT! He has bowled him, Full length delivery tries to smash it and he is bowled. South Casters Lions move to semi-finals.
9.5 Charlemagne to K.Augustin, He comes across and tries to slog it to legside but misses it. They run a bye. 7 runs needed in 1 ball.
9.5 Charlemagne to K.Gaston, Poor bowling wide down the legside. They run as well so Augustin gets strike. 8 runs needed now.
9.4 Charlemagne to K.Augustin, He has bowled wide on the offstump, He gets only a single
9.3 Charlemagne to K.Augustin, He again smashes it to deep mid-wicket, Augustin wants two runs but a good throw at bowlers end has resulted in a run out. Gaston is back in pavillion.
9.2 Charlemagne to K.Augustin, He swings it hard but doesnt go too far. Poor fielding at mid-wicket as resulted in two runs.
9.1 Charlemagne to K.Gaston, He has driven it to mid-wicket but gets a single. Augustin is the key here.
Mon Repos Stars : 80/4 after 9. What a turnaround this is. Excellent over and Stars out of nowhere are back in this. Can Stars make a match out of it?
8.6 Gabriel to K.Augustin, SIX!. He has pitched it up and It has been sent to stands. It sailed too quick
8.5 Gabriel to K.Augustin, Pulled it to mid-wicket and they get two runs.
8.4 Gabriel to K.Augustin, He has brutally smashed it to long off for a six.
8.4 Gabriel to K.Augustin, Short ball on the legside but was way too down and called wide.
8.3 Gabriel to K.Augustin, He has again hammered to deep square leg. Lot of time for him to hit that ball.
8.2 Gabriel to K.Augustin, He has smashed it to deep mid-wicket for a boundary
8.1 Gabriel to K.Augustin, He tries to smash it to deep midwicket but beaten completely.
Mon Repos Stars : 55/4 after 8. Something to cheer with two boundaries in the over. 40 required to win from 18 deliveries
7.6 Charlemagne to K.Gaston, He has beautifully driven between cover and mid-off. 
7.5 Charlemagne to K.Gaston, He tries to cut it on the offside, It was bowled at good pace and he is deceived completely.
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