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South Castries Lions 147/1 (10 ov)
Mon Repos Stars 114/5 (10 ov)
South Castries Lions won by 33 runs.
Key/In-form Players to look out for
South Castries Lions
  • Johnson Charles
  • Alex Antoine
  • Tarrick Edward
  • Mon Repos Stars
  • Keon Gaston
  • Jamal Lesmond
  • Kevin Augustin
  • Key Points
  • A big final on the cards and as is the age-old adage of batting first and piling on a score in a final, both teams will be looking to pay heed to this wisdom. Anything over 100 can be challenging to chase and therefore the team batting second will have to pull a Houdini act to get over the line. For one last time in the tournament, the Caribbean power will be on its full-display. So strap your seat belts back on, grab that popcorn and enjoy the one and a half hour exciting roller-coaster ride.
  • Expert Comment
    Abhinav Singh
    A showdown between two heavyweight teams of the tournament with everything to play for on the cards here. Both teams will be raring to go and lay down their hands upon the coveted silverware trophy. SCL boasts of international stars in its fray and the innings of Johnson Charles in the semi-final might have just given them the shot in arm required just before a big final. MRS will be riding high on confidence too as they beat the tournament favorites GICB rather handsomely last evening. In nutshell, the finale has all the ingredients to script a climax that will be worth every penny for the audience.
    That's it!! South Castries Lions are the Champions of the St. Lucia blast 2020. It has been one hell of a performance from South Castries who've been simply outstanding throughout the tournament. They've defeated a team who should feel proud of their performance but must admit that they're no match to the caliber of this South Castries Lions team. The game was done and dusted after the brutal assault by Johnson Charles but the way Mon Repos showed their fight was really commendable. They came out all guns blazing and at a point were looking to pull off a huge upset. However, this was not the case to be as South Castries held their nerves and pulled things back nicely in the second half of the innings to close the the game by 33 runs. It was a match well deserving of a final. So with that we come to an end of our coverage of the St. Lucia T-10 blast but keep tuned in to Sportskeeda as West Indies and England marks the resumption of International cricket after a 3 month hiatus. Catch you there! Till then, here's me, Faham Haider taking your leave along with Dwijesh Reddy. 
    Result: South Castries Lions beat Mon Repos stars by 33 runs.

    9.6 Kester Charlermagne to Sadrack Descartes, Descartes goes after the ball and gets it to long-on but it doesn't matter as SOUTH CASTRIES LIONS ARE THE CHAMPIONS! They beat Mon Repos Stars by 33 runs in the final of the St Lucia T10 Blast 2020
    9.5 Kester Charlermagne to Sadrack Descartes, Kester bowls it short and wide outside off and beats the batsman. In the meanwhile, Darren Sammy has called in all his fielders and placed over 5 slips!
    9.4 Kester Charlermagne to Mervin Wells, short ball aimed at the body, Wells pulls it away for a run
    9.3 Kester Charlermagne to Evanus Emmanuel, length ball on middle stump, Evanus tries to heave it over the off-side field but ends up holing out to Darren Sammy at cover
    9.2 Kester Charlermagne to Evanus Emmanuel, a fuller ball angled into the pads and beats Emmanuel on that occasion
    9.1 Kester Charlermagne to Evanus Emmanuel, full ball on off-stump and Emmanuel can only hit it straight at the bowler who does well to stop it
    Mon Repos Stars 113/4 after 9. What a comeback this has been by Stars. They must have had their hearts in the mouth after the start that Mon Repos got but now they'er on the way to the title.  35 required off the last over
    8.6 Daniel Jn. Baptiste to Mervin Wells, length ball outside off from Baptiste and Wells fails to get bat on ball
    8.6 Daniel Jn. Baptiste to Mervin Wells, another wide! Baptiste sees Wells shuffling in his crease and bowls it outside the pitch! Given a wide by the umpire
    8.6 Daniel Jn. Baptiste to Mervin Wells, another wide, this time it is bowled outside off
    8.6 Daniel Jn. Baptiste to Mervin Wells, wide down the leg-side. has to bowl that one again
    8.5 Daniel Jn. Baptiste to Mervin Wells, Wells has nailed the pull shot and gets six runs! It was a loose ball from Baptiste and deserved what it got!
    8.4 Daniel Jn. Baptiste to Mervin Wells, EDGED AND FOUR! Finally Wells hits a four albeit a lucky one! Gets a thick edge over the third man fielder for a four. Perhaps a bit too late now
    8.3 Daniel Jn. Baptiste to Mervin Wells, slower ball outside off, Wells gets the toe-end of the bat to the bowler. No run
    8.2 Daniel Jn. Baptiste to Evanus Emmanuel, another play and a miss but the batsmen hurry for a bye
    8.1 Daniel Jn. Baptiste to Evanus Emmanuel, short ball outside off, Emannuel has a swing at it but misses it completely
    Mon Repos Stars 99/4 after 8.  5 off the over and that should be the game for South Castries. Stars need 50 runs to win from 12 balls
    7.6 Kester Charlermagne to Evanus Emmanuel, full ball angled into the pads, Emmanuels plays it in the air towards long-on for a single. A very economical over from Kester there!
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