Southern Crusaders CC won by 7 wickets
Now that's how you end the game! R. Bastiansz plays that incredible pull stroke for a six of his first ball itself to take his side to a great victory. A pretty neat and comfortable chase for the Crusaders thanks to the dominant batting performance displayed by all their batters. The bowling, however, was not that impressive which allowed the batters to play their strokes freely and across the ground.

G Maithnani (34 of 25) and Z Yousaf (34 of 19) were the pick of the batters for the Crusaders as they had complete control over their shots right from the beginning of their respective innings. M Goonetilleke was also terrific as he gave the team a flying start with his stroke-filled 22 of 9 balls.

On the bowling front, it was S Patel and R Paul who chipped in with a wicket each even though they couldn't control the flow of runs, thus allowing the batsmen to continue their dominance.

Both the sides would be happy with their batting performances, however, the bowling by both the teams must be scrutinized rightfully. They must ensure the bowlers don't bowl in the wrong areas and have control over their line and lengths.

So that's the end of the coverage of the game. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the latest news and more match commentaries from games across the globe. This is my colleague, Gaurav Kadam, and I, Arpit Shrivastava signing off. Stay safe!
9.3 R. Paul to R Bastiansz, SIX! WAY TO WIN IT IN STYLE! Short and on the leg stump as Bastiansz moves around the crease and CLOBBERS that over square leg for the maximum!

SOC beat AUM by 7 wickets!
9.2 R. Paul to G. Maithani, EDGED! Short outside off and Maithani gets an edge down to the third man for the single. New man on strike!
9.1 R. Paul to G. Thakur, RUN OUT! good length outside off and the batsman hits it down to deep mid wicket for a single and they attempt to gor the second but the bowler runs him out!
A great penultimate over for Malta as just 7 came of the 6 deliveries. 8 required of the final 6 balls as the game can go still in anyone's favor.
8.6 Z. Malek to G. Thakur, single towards long on as Thakur keeps strike for the crucial final over
8.5 Z. Malek to G. Thakur, WIDE! Down the leg side and Malek has to bowl that one again!
8.5 Z. Malek to G. Maithani, flighted one run down to long on by Maithani for a single
8.4 Z. Malek to G. Thakur, slower one and short outside off as Thakur misses the shot and the keeper's failed collection allows them to steal a bye
8.4 Z. Malek to G. Thakur, WIDE! Short and way outside off as Thakur misses out on the cut shot!
8.3 Z. Malek to G. Thakur, quicker one outside off and Thakur is undone by the spinner there! Dot ball!
8.2 Z. Malek to G. Maithani, quicker one at the middle stump as Maithani runs it down to deep mid wicket for one
8.1 Z. Malek to G. Thakur, DROPPED! Short and wide outside off as Thakur went for the slash and the fielder at backward point got a hand to it but did not hold on for the catch. Single taken
Consecutive sixes to start the over followed by the six of the no-ball has firmly put the control of the game in the favor of the Crusaders. Fantastic shots across the ground by both the batters who look in the destructive mode now. The required rate has fallen below the 10 runs for the first time in the innings. Wow! A wicket to end the over. But will it be enough to bring Malta back into the game?
7.6 S. Patel to Z. Yousaf, CAUGHT! Slower one from Patel and Yousaf went for the slog towards long on! He skied the ball as the fielder did well to take a clean catch!
7.5 S. Patel to G. Maithani, slower one and Maithani is bowled on the free hit and the non-striker charges off quickly to take the bye there
7.5 S. Patel to G. Maithani, NO BALL! SIX! That was overpitched and too high as Maithani got hold of it well and SMASHED it over mid wicket for another maximum! Free Hit Time!
7.4 S. Patel to G. Maithani, DOT! Slower one just missing the off stump as Maithani went for the big slog but misses out!
7.3 S. Patel to Z. Yousaf, full toss again outside off and Yousaf runs it down to square leg for one
7.2 S. Patel to Z. Yousaf, SIX MORE! Full and wide outside off as Yousaf went for the hoick wide of long off! The fielder made a dash for it but had no chance in the end!
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