Western Warriors 95/9 (10 ov)
Southern Hitters 101/2 (6.4 ov)
Southern Hitters won by 8 wickets
RIGHT, this was me, Lavil Saldanha along with my partner, Habil Ahmed,bringing you live action from Kuala Lumpur. Do stay tuned to our other matches live coverage on the Sportskeeda app. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Until next time, GOODBYE! 
AMINUDDIN RAMLY, YOU BEAUTY!!. Absolute carnage from the magic man who pulls of the chase in some beautiful style. Western Warriors have only themselves to blame. The match started with wicket of the first ball and some really good batsmanship from Shafiq Sharif and Sharvin M. Muhammad Gulraiz and Vijay Unni did no wrong and restricted them to a par score of 95. In answer, the Southern Hitters lost two wickets in quick succession. Courtesy of some brilliant bowling from Fitri S. In came the magic man for the Hitters, Aminuddin Ramly and finished off the game in a jiffy. The Warriors put up a substandard show for defending their total as the Southern Hitters went on to win the match by a margin of 8 wickets
6.4 Fitri S to A Ramly, SIX! Loopy full toss from the captain Fitri. Ramly comes down the track and picks the ball up early. Wallops this one over the midwicket boundary for another ridiculously huge six. What that means is that the Southern Hitters win this game by 8 wickets! This Aminuddin Ramly's world and the rest of us are just living in it!
6.3 Fitri S to A Ramly, FOUR! Dropped a little short this time. Ramly rocks back and pulls that over square leg for four more runs. 
6.2 Fitri S to A Ramly, SIX! Bowled a good length. Ramly stood his ground and absolutely hammered that well over the boundary for a big six over the Grand Stand. 
Aminuddin R looks quite in a hurry to finish the chase. Hitters are on 84 for 2 after 6 over needing 12 from the remaining overs
6.1 Fitri S to Virandeep S, full-ish from Fitri. Batsman turns that into the onside for a single.
5.6 Jerin Raj to A Ramly, SIX! Short and wide outside off. Ramly cuts that one over the cover fielder for yet another six. It's raining sixes from whichever bat Ramly uses today!
5.5 Jerin Raj to A Ramly, SIX! Short once again. Ramly rocks back and pulls that high and far over the square leg boundary for BIIIG SIX! Ramly still wants a change in bat there. Quite surprising, to be honest!
5.4 Jerin Raj to Virandeep S, short-ish ball that did not rise. Batsman pulls into the onside for one.
5.4 Jerin Raj to Virandeep S, too far outside off this time.
5.3 Jerin Raj to A Ramly, slower and full outside the off-stump. Ramly hits that back to the long off fielder for one.
5.2 Jerin Raj to A Ramly, quick, short and into the body. Ramly misses with his pull.
5.1 Jerin Raj to A Ramly, short and wide outside off from the bowler. Swing and a miss!
An expensive over from Arief Y as Aminuddin R crosses his 50. Hitters are on 69 for 2 after 5 overs. Hitters need 27 in their remaining 5 overs
4.6 Arief Y to A Ramly, full and on off-stump. Ramly goes inside out for a single down to deep cover.
4.5 Arief Y to Virandeep S, outside off and it is driven to deep cover for a single.
4.4 Arief Y to A Ramly, pushed into the onside for a single.
4.3 Arief Y to A Ramly, SIX! Full and straight this time. RAmly picks that up early and hammers that over the bowler's head for another gigantic six!
4.2 Arief Y to A Ramly, SIX! Fullish delivery but Ramly takes his front foot out of the way and clears the square leg boundary with disdain. That's his fifty!
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