75/5 (10)
76/4 (6.4)
Spain won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Awais Ahmed
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Spain 76/4 in 6.4 overs beat Luxembourg by 6 wickets.

Spain has won this match in style. They have reached the target with 3.2 overs and 6 wickets to spare. With the win they clinch 2 points. Luxembourg are still winless in the tournament. Chasing just 76, Spain enjoyed a flying start. Opener Awais Ahmed blasted 27 from 13 deliveries. Hamza Saleem was dismissed for a duck thanks to a direct hit from Harpal Singh. Jack Perman walked back soon after hitting a huge six out of the park. But Spain's captain Christian Munoz-Mills scored a steady 14 to ensure that team was on its way to the target. Lower-order batters Asjad Butt and Kuldeep Lal scored 11 runs each as Spain sealed an easy win. 

Earlier in the day, Luxembourg ended with a total of just 75/5. Winning the toss, Luxembourg skipper Mohit Dixit opted to bat first. But it was not the kind of total that Dixit would be happy with. Opener Thomas Martin got the team a good start as he smashed 13 from 10 balls as the batting side raced to 19/0 after 2 overs. But then Luxembourg lost three wickets in three back-to-back overs. The quick wickets slowed Luxembourg down. As the wickets kept falling at one end, the other opener Rohan Vishwanath kept his cool and steadied the innings with a score of 32 from 23 deliveries. Spanish bowlers enjoyed their time in the middle. Thomas Vine was the pick of the bowlers as he bowled a great spell of 2/10. The likes of Zulqarnain Haider, Kuldeep Lal, and Paul Hennessy picked up a wicket each.
6.4 Amit Dhingra to Kuldeep Lal, THERE'S THE WINNING RUN! A full ball bowled on the stumps, Lal hits it into this pad but does come through for a single as Spain beats Luxembourg by six wickets!
6.3 Amit Dhingra to Chris Mills, a full ball angled into the middle stump, Mills drills it to the long-off fielder for a single
6.2 Amit Dhingra to Kuldeep Lal, a full ball bowled on middle stump, Lal plays it down the ground for a single
6.1 Amit Dhingra to Chris Mills, a length ball jagging back into the batsman, who cuts it to third-man for a single
A Dhingra to bowl
A wicket and 10 runs from the over. Spain now need only four more runs to win this match. 
72 /4 score
cricket bat icon Christian Munoz-Mills
12 (9)
cricket bat icon Kuldeep Lal *
9 (4)
cricket ball icon Mohd Dilshad
1 /20
5.6 Mohd Dilshad to Kuldeep Lal, FOUR! One full-toss too many as Lal picks up a full-toss off his hips and flicks it into the leg-side for a boundary!
5.5 Mohd Dilshad to Chris Mills, a full ball bowled on off-stump, Mills pushes it towards sweeper cover for another single
5.4 Mohd Dilshad to Kuldeep Lal, a low full-toss bowled on middle stump, Lal heaves it to the leg-side for a single
5.3 Mohd Dilshad to Kuldeep Lal, FOUR! SHOT! A slower ball bowled at a length outside off, Lal reaches out and whacks it past the cover fielder for a boundary!
5.2 Mohd Dilshad to Kuldeep Lal, a full-toss aimed at the stumps, Lal fails to get bat on ball and takes it on the body
Asjad But going for a big shot and losing his wicket. 
5.1 Mohd Dilshad to Asjad Butt, WICKET! A length ball bowled into the stumps, Butt has a heave all around it but misses out as the ball goes on to disturb the woodwork!
62 /3 score
cricket bat icon Christian Munoz-Mills
11 (8)
cricket bat icon Asjad Butt *
11 (7)
cricket ball icon Aanand pandey
0 /11
4.6 Aanand Pandey to Asjad Butt, a length ball bowled outside off, Butt pushes it to the point region for a single
4.5 Aanand Pandey to Asjad Butt, SIX! A full ball bowled outside off, Butt reaches out to it and launches it over long-off region for a six!
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