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Sparta 1888 149/3 (10 ov)
Excelsior 20 93/10 (10 ov)
Sparta 1888 won by 56 runs.
SPC win the match by 56 runs.

In contrast to Spartan's start, Excelsior 20 lost their first 2 wickets in the powerplay itself. They kept losing wickets in the middle as only Sanjit Shankar (26 runs in 12 balls) and Umar Baker (28 runs in 8 balls) were the only Excelsior batsmen to reach to double digits in the chase. They kept falling like a house of cards and had no one to support the two batsmen.

Spartan CC 1888 bowlers will be happy with their bowling performance as all their bowlers picked up a wicket each with Usman Saleem (4/8 in 2 overs) and Sawan Sardha (2/2 in 1 over) wreaking the havoc for EXC batsmen as they were bowled out for 93 in their quota of 10 overs.

We hope you enjoy our live coverage as I, Lavil Saldanha and my colleague, Dwijesh Reddy, take your leave. Do check Sportskeeda for all live match commentaries and latest news and feature articles. Until next time, it's goodbye from our side. ADIOS!!
9.6 Sawan Sardha to Tom Heggelman, STUMPED! Raza has his third stumping as Heggelman is caught napping out of his crease but it doesn't matter as Sparta Cricket beats Excelsior 20 by a whopping 56 run margin!
9.5 Sawan Sardha to Tom Heggelman, a full ball bowled outside off, Heggelman goes down on one knee and bizarrely pushes it towards the cover fielder! No runs!
9.4 Sawan Sardha to Sohail Bhatti, WICKET! It's that man again Raza, who affects another stumping! A length ball turning away from the batsman, Bhatti runs past the ball and has his bails dislodged by Raza! 9th man departs for EXC there and Raza the keeper is quick with his hands and dislodges the bails in a jiffy.
9.3 Sawan Sardha to Stan van Troost, slightly fuller on the stums, Stan turns it towards midwicket for a single
9.2 Sawan Sardha to Stan van Troost, full ball bowled outside off, Stan looks to drive it past the bowler but can't get the connection right!
9.1 Sawan Sardha to Sohail Bhatti, full ball angled into the batsman, who drives it down the ground for a single
All over for EXC as they need 50 runs in the last 6 deliveries of the match. SPC getting a fitting revenge of the loss they faced earlier in the day from the same opponents as they dominated this contest with both the ball and bat. EXC are on 91/8 after 9 overs. Final over coming up. 
8.6 Usman Saleem to Sohail Bhatti, slower ball on the pads, Bhatti turns it away to the leg-side and keeps the hat-trick ball at bay with a single! ANTI-CLIMAX!
8.5 Usman Saleem to Luuk Kroesen, BOWLED! That is a bowler's delight - middle stump uprooted! A full ball on the middle stump line and Luuk plays all around it. You miss, I hit stuff here! Really good bowling from Saleem as he strikes twice in the over. The hopes are all diminished for EXC as they 8th man for them walks back into the hut.
8.4 Usman Saleem to Mathijs Schewe, STUMPED! How often do you see a stumping off a fast-bowler? A brilliant ball from Usman, who bowls an off-pace delivery outside off, which Schewe doesn't manage to make contact with and has his stumps disturbed by the keeper Raza, who is having a brilliant outing with the gloves!
8.3 Usman Saleem to Mathijs Schewe, full ball outside off, Schewe drives it straight to the man at cover for no runs!
8.2 Usman Saleem to Stan van Troost, single for Stan as he plays a full ball towards the leg-side! 
8.1 Usman Saleem to Sanjit Shankar, WICKET! Finally, Sparta gets rid of Sanjit, who did manage some runs in this game as well. A back of a length delivery outside off from Usman which Sanjit can only chip towards Musa at mid-off! Wickets keep tumbling for EXC as Shankar departs for a well made 26. 6th man down for EXC.
Near impossible task for the EXC batsmen as they need 61 runs in 12 balls. They had a little ray of hope in baker who was looking to go all guns blazing but lost his wicket in the end. EXC are on 89/5 after 8 overs.
7.6 Mamoon Latif to Sanjit Shankar, back of a length delivery outside off, Sanjit cuts it hard towards the off-side but Musa Ahmed puts in a good effort to keep it to just a single
7.5 Mamoon Latif to Stan van Troost, similar ball once again and Stan turns it away to the leg-side and collects his first run!
7.4 Mamoon Latif to Sanjit Shankar, a full ball on middle and off, Sanjit plays it towards deep square leg for a single as he hands over strike to Stan!
7.3 Mamoon Latif to Umar Baker, WICKET! Brilliant catch from the keeper Raza, who takes a skier! A length ball on the stumps, Baker top-edges one behind the keeper, who had to cover some ground and also steady himself before taking a very good catch! Just when EXC began to dream of a victory, Latif rushed in and plucked the wicket of Baker who was going hard on the SPC bowlers. All dreams diminished for EXC there as baker falls for a 8 ball 28. 
7.2 Mamoon Latif to Sanjit Shankar, a full ball outside off, Sanjit heaves it away to the leg-side and settles for a single
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