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Voorburg Cricket Club 92/4 (10 ov)
Sparta 1888 93/2 (9.5 ov)
Sparta 1888 won by 8 wickets
That brings an end to our coverage of this exciting ECS contest. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live commentaries as well as the latest news. This is me, Avik Bose and my colleague, Sameer Deodhar, signing off.
VCC lost the toss and were asked to bat first. Started on a steady note but as the innings progressed, VCC lacked momentum as well as intent. Sparta bowled exceptionally well. Snoep and Hoornweg capturing 1 wicket each and Max Hoornweg giving away a mere 10 runs from his 2 overs. Aryan Dutt played well for his 38 off 28 balls but could not add the finishing touch before falling prey to Ivo Hoornweg. Tahir Bajwa played a quick cameo of 12 from 7 balls and a late flurry of boundaries took their total to 92/4 at the end of 10 overs.
Sparta started pretty slowly, looked cautious in their approach and VCC bowlers gave no extra opportunity to the batsmen to flex their muscles. At one stage Sparta were 48/2 after 6 overs needing 45 from 24 balls. For VCC S.Kamal and Kingma were the picks of the bowlers with the former having figures of 2/16 from his 2 overs. Sparta's in-form man Musa took the charge and led his team home with a dazzling display, ending with an unbeaten 62 from just 36 balls.
Danish Umar also played his part and remained unbeaten on 15.
Needing 10 off the last over Musa himself took the responsibility and finished it off with a cheeky scoop boundary over the keeper! 

Sparta thus won by 8 wickets with a ball to spare and recorded their 5th win in 6 matches. VCC were close but were 5-10 runs short while setting the target and succumbed to another close defeat.
End of the match.
Sparta 93/2
Sparta win by 8 wickets with a ball to spare.
9.5 I. Ahmad to M. Ahmad, FOUR! on middle stump to fine leg and that will be it! Smart and cheeky from Musa!

SPC win by 8 wickets!
9.5 I. Ahmad to M. Ahmad, no no no! The bowler has sprayed one well outside off under pressure!

4 needed off 2!
9.4 I. Ahmad to M. Ahmad, shuffles across and hoicks the full delivery to cow corner for a couple of runs. Poor throw from the fielder

5 needed off 2!
9.3 I. Ahmad to D. Umar, drives another full delivery on his pads to long-on and gets Musa on strike!

7 needed off 3!
9.2 I. Ahmad to M. Ahmad, shuffles across and misses the pull. But the keeper fails to collect the ball. The duo steals a bye.

The keeper is in pain here as the ball hit his left knee! Unfortunate but costly for VCC
9.1 I. Ahmad to D. Umar, uppishly drives the full delivery on middle stump to long-on and brings Musa Ahmad on strike!
At the end of the 9th over
Sparta 83/2. Very interesting last over on the cards.Musa batting on 56 and Umar on 14.
10 runs needed from 6 balls. I. Ahmed with the ball!
8.6 V. Kingma to D. Umar, drives the full delivery on off-stump to mid-off and takes the single
8.5 V. Kingma to D. Umar, FOUR! Gets an inside edge on the yorker near his boots and the ball runs away to the fine leg fence for a lucky boundary!
8.5 V. Kingma to D. Umar, stays down the leg side for another wide
8.5 V. Kingma to D. Umar, bouncer goes over the batsman's head as Umar misses the hook. Called wide
8.4 V. Kingma to M. Ahmad, miscues the pull to deep mid-wicket and gets only a single
8.3 V. Kingma to M. Ahmad, steps down the track and thwarts the length ball outside off to deep covers for a couple of runs
8.2 V. Kingma to M. Ahmad, another bottom-edge on the pull from outside off rolls over to the keeper
8.1 V. Kingma to M. Ahmad, gets a bottom-edge on the pull to long-on but Ahmad refuses to take the single
At the end of the 8th over
Sparta 73/2
Much needed expensive over for Sparta, 17 runs from it. 20 runs needed from 12 balls
Much trusted Kingma is brought into the attack.
7.6 P. Boissevain to M. Ahmad, dances down the track but top-edges the slog to mid-off. The fielder runs in and DROPS the folly. How costly will this prove?
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