75/4 (8.3)
PRM won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Khalid Ahmadi
Punjab Rotterdam - 75/4 in 8.3 overs (Sharafat Khogyani 23 off 10 balls, Khalid Ahmadi 2/16 in 2 overs) beat Sparta Cricket 1888 - 74/5 in 10 overs (Khalid Ahmadi 37* off 20 balls, Sohail Bhatti 2/21 in 2 overs) by 6 wickets.

A couple of twenties from Sharafat Khogyani and Asad Zulfiqar helped Punjab Rotterdam get over the line, even though they lost 4 wickets along the way. Yasir Usman too chipped in with some handy runs. 

Teja Nidamanuru was the batter who was missing for Rotterdam as he pulled a hamstring while fielding, so that is the only bad news for the men in green. Otherwise, it has been a solid outing for them with a comfortable win in the end. 

Khalid Ahmadi was good with the ball too, after scoring an unbeaten 30 with the bat but did not get support from the other bowlers in terms of sustaining the pressure on the Rotterdam batting.

This is all that we have from the first match of the day today at Sportpark Bermweg in Capelle. But stay tuned to Sportskeeda as the second match, between these very teams, is coming up shortly. For now, this is the pair of Rajarshi and Bidipto, saying good bye! 
8.3 Prithvi Balwant Singh to Samiullah Salarazai, an unglamorous single to mid-wicket to finish off the proceedings for the first game between these two sides today! Punjab Rotterdam take the game by 6 wickets with an over and a half to spare!
8.2 Prithvi Balwant Singh to Asad Zulfiqar, Zulfiqar tries a cheeky scoop, but doesn't connect. One taken
8.1 Prithvi Balwant Singh to Samiullah Salarazai, Salarazai swings at this full back with all his might, but merely gets it off the bottom half off the bat and they cross over
Prithvi Balwantsingh, right-arm medium, is in to bowl.

Only a few runs - 3 to be precise - remain for Punjab Rotterdam to get. This now means more desperation for Sparta as they have one more match left to win in order to keep themselves in this tournament. 
72 /4 score
cricket bat icon Asad Zulfiqar
20 (16)
cricket bat icon Sami Salarzai *
1 (3)
cricket ball icon Joost Martijn Snoep
1 /11
7.6 Joost-Martijn Snoep to Samiullah Salarazai, was in the slot, Salarazai couldn't connect, they run through for the leg bye
7.5 Joost-Martijn Snoep to Asad Zulfiqar, DROPPED! Was hit hard towards the mid-wicket fielder, who could not hold on!
7.4 Joost-Martijn Snoep to Samiullah Salarazai, smashed this but straight to mid-wicket on the bounce, they take one
7.3 Joost-Martijn Snoep to Samiullah Salarazai, FOUR, just the faintest of flicks as this was down leg, just past the keeper's left glove and to the ropes!
Samiullah Salarazai, RHB, is at the crease.
7.2 Joost-Martijn Snoep to Yasir Usman, OUT CAUGHT! Usman's cameo comes to an end! He gets a leading edge trying to go over long-on, the ball goes high up, and a good catch by Bukhari at mid-on!

Yasir Usman c Mudassar Bukhari b Joost-Martijn Snoep 16 (11) (1x4, 1x6)
7.1 Joost-Martijn Snoep to Asad Zulfiqar, the duo rotate strike
A rather quiet over for Punjab Rotterdam barring the six, but they have the required run rate under control. As long as there isn't a flurry of wickets or a whole heap of dot balls, they are well in charge of this innings. 
64 /3 score
cricket bat icon Asad Zulfiqar
18 (14)
cricket bat icon Yasir Usman *
16 (10)
cricket ball icon Mudassar Bukhari
1 /21
6.6 Mudassar Bukhari to Yasir Usman, SIX, this one went some distance! Was right in the slot, and Usman hit this through the line and got maximum reward!
6.5 Mudassar Bukhari to Asad Zulfiqar, Zulfiqar gets a single to square leg
6.4 Mudassar Bukhari to Yasir Usman, one more to point
6.3 Mudassar Bukhari to Yasir Usman, inside edge onto pad, no run