218/1 (20)
180/10 (18)
SL-L won by 38 runs.
Player of the match: Tillakaratne Dilshan
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Shane Watson (Captain, Australia Legends): Lots of runs scored in the game. Plenty of good cricket all around. Fans got a fair bit of entertainment tonight. The Sri Lankan batsmen, it was difficult to keep them under the wraps. We are coming off almost no crikcet at all, except some net sessions. Expectations were fairly low tonight. Sri Lanka were batting a bit by the way they performed today. To be honest, our batting tonight, it's exciting for the rest of the tournament. Coming into this tournament, it was all about some fun, but when we are out there, the competitive nature kicks in. Can't fault the Aussies for being competitive, brings out the best in us.
Australia Legends 180/10 (18 overs) | Nathan Reardon 46*(19), Shane Watson 39(23) | Nuwan Kulasekara 4/36 (4), Jeevan Mendis 2/14 (2)

The target of 219 runs was always going to be a stiff target to chase down. Shane Watson and Cameron White started off well in the powerplay though and gave some hope to the Australia Legends side. They score over 10 runs an over in the powerplay and seemed like setting the chase up nicely.

However, once Watson was dismissed, everything started going downhill. Wickets fell in quick succession from then on. Ben Dunk and Callum Ferguson put on a decent partnership but neither batters could carry on. Nathan Reardon played a blinder but ran out of partners and was stranded in the middle in the end.

The spinners did the damage early on for Sri Lanka Legends. They dried up the scoring and picked up some crucial wickets in the middle-order. The seamers cam back well in the end and cleaned up the tail to complete a comprehensive victory.
Sri Lanka Legends beat Australia Legends by 38 runs!
180 /10 score
cricket bat icon Nathan Reardon
46 (19)
cricket bat icon Dirk Nannes *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Nuwan Kulasekara
4 /36
17.6 Nuwan Kulasekara to Dirk Nannes, OUT! That's that! Reardon runs out of partners. Full and straight on the stumps. Too good for Nannes who plays all around the ball and gets his stumps knocked back
Dirk Nannes, RHB, is the last man in for Australia Legends.
17.5 Nuwan Kulasekara to Brett Lee, OUT! There goes the leg-stump. Swings right across the line of the ball and misses it completely. End of the short stay at the crease for Lee
17.4 Nuwan Kulasekara to Brett Lee, full delivery on the off-stump. Pushes it to the right of the bowler but can't get past him
17.3 Nuwan Kulasekara to Nathan Reardon, low full toss wide of the off-stump. Creams it to sweeper cover. Takes the single
Brett Lee, RHB, walks out to the middle. He will be at the non-striker's end.
17.2 Nuwan Kulasekara to Nathan Reardon, OUT! Krejza sacrifices his wicket! Full delivery outside off. Squeezes it out to deep mid-wicket. They try to come back for the second to keep Reardon on strike and Krejza finds himself miles out
17.1 Nuwan Kulasekara to Nathan Reardon, SIX! BANG! Right in the slot, just dishes it up there to be hit. Reardon smokes it straight back over the bowler's head
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Isuru Udana
16.6 Isuru Udana to Jason Krejza, almost! Full ball close to the off-stump straightening just a touch. Krejza gets beaten and the ball almost shaves the off-stump
16.5 Isuru Udana to Jason Krejza, full delivery on the off-stump. Digs it out towards cover
16.4 Isuru Udana to Nathan Reardon, full delivery on the stumps. Drives the ball down to long-on. Reardon is looking for two but can't come back
16.3 Isuru Udana to Nathan Reardon, IN THE AIR! Chamara Silva at the square leg boundary gets underneath it but grasses the ball! And to make things worse, it goes over the fence. It is turning out to be a huge over
16.2 Isuru Udana to Nathan Reardon, FOUR! Powerfully struck! Full delivery outside off. Drills it through the covers. No chance for the fielder in the deep
16.1 Isuru Udana to Nathan Reardon, GOES MILES UP! AND JUST OVER THE FENCE! The fielder runs across from long-on. Puts in the dive but just out of reach. It's that length ball at pace once again that goes the distance