England Legends 78/9 (20 ov)
Sri Lanka Legends 81/4 (7.3 ov)
Sri Lanka Legends won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Tillakaratne Dilshan
This has been a fantastic game, that got over sooner than expected, but it was a one man show today. Picking up 4 wickets, and scoring 60 runs to single handedly take the game away from the opposition is no joke. Dilshan has shown his class today, and Sri Lanka are the ones to watch out. Semi's await them against whoever finishes fourth, which could very well be England, but we shall find out in a couple of days. For now that's a wrap here, so switch tabs and follow the live action of India against England where India are halfway into their chase. That's all from here, as I've been Ankit Sharma along with Prakhar Sachdeo, bidding farewell. 
Pietersen did mention that their game today has already been discarded in the dressing room and their focus is only on the game day after where they play West Indies for a must win game to qualify. They were out done in all departments today. The batters could not get a hold of things, and lost their way rather easily with one falling after the other in quick succession. Fielding too was not up to the mark with too many singles and doubles been given. And at last the bowlers, barring Panesar just could not find their rhythm, and there was absolutely no time today as well to have the luxury of getting an over to settle down. Dilshan went after everyone and got his results, he intended. He was lethal just like the old days and he was fearless as ever. Todays day belongs to Dilshan, but England will re asses and come back stronger against West Indies. 
Man of the Match: Tilakaratne Dilshan (also winning captain): I think everything is going to plan, especially today. it was the plan for me and Herath to bowl first up, and really good to pick up a wicket on the first ball. The England side like pace and bounce, so we chose spinners to bowl in the right areas, I think we planned really well, and best thing for us, is that everyone bowled to their exact plans so really happy with the execution. I think we had a chance to come to the top of the table, so we wanted to go for it, and as I mentioned our plans went to work today and we could chase it down in 7.3 over. Sanath is a very important player for us, and we want him in the Semi's so we decided to rest him today. My hamstring is hurting a bit more today due to the sweep shots I played today, but have a few days off and with our amazing physio I'm sure it'll get better and I'll be fit to go for the Semi's. 
Kevin Pietersen (losing captain): It wasn't very good today. I suppose when you come to the end of your career, you hang up your boots, thinking these things won't happen again, but today for us it has happened again, and we're wondering where it went wrong, but Dilshan was amazing, he was outstanding throughout. But we have found out, that day after we have to beat the West Indies to win, so we've all removed these past 3-4 hours from our minds and we're focused on that game now, so that's our only focus. Unlucky to get the inside edge to get bowled but it just wasn't our day today. On days like today you just need to let it go and come back stronger. You'll talk to Dilshan in a minute, you can ask him, there's Lara there's Sachin, in out careers such things happen more often than not, so just got to move on. 
This has been an absolute masterclass from Sri Lanka, more form Tilakaratne Dilshan who could with this performance give nightmare to even the current best bowlers in the world. His sheer class and aggressive approach was too good for the English to handle. His performance does not seem like he's retired or he's an oldie playing this tournament. He's very much in shape and he's definitely the best player of the tournament so far, both with bat and ball. Sri Lanka emerge victorious here to seal the top spot in the table. The second innings has barely lasted for half an hour with Dilshan going berserk, taking on the attack, taking the risks, and coming out on top as well. England are out played in every department by one man probably more than one team. This loss has hurt England with respect to the NRR as well, not just points. 
Sri Lanka have done it, they've wrapped this game in 7.3 overs to win this game and finish atop the table, over taking India on run rate. Arnold is the man to win hit the winning runs, does so in style with a boundary. 
7.3 Chris Tremlett to Russel Arnold , FOUR! Short of the length delivery and Arnold plays a short-arm jab to clear the in-field for a boundary. Sri Lanka Legends have won the match inside 7.4 overs with 6 wickets in hands to go on the top of the table! 
7.2 Chris Tremlett to Tillakaratne Dilshan, Over pitched delivery and Dilshan works the ball to midwicket for a single. 
7.1 Chris Tremlett to Tillakaratne Dilshan, Full delivery on the pads and Dilshan flicks the ball to leg side for two runs. 
Panesar picks up a coupe of wickets, was on a hat trick, bowling to Dilshan, and Dilshan reverse seeps the living lights out of the ball and dispatched the straight ball on the stumps over short third man for a boundary. He's almost taken his team through, and Sri Lanka should finish top of the table after their performance today, rather Dilshan deserves to finish on top the way he has played. He also brings up his fifty with those boundaries in this over. 5 runs in 4 balls now. 
Over: 7 | Summary: W W 4 4 1 0 Bowler: Monty Panesar Score: 74/4
6.6 Monty Panesar to Russel Arnold, Good-length delivery and Arnold plays the ball to midwicket but takes no run. 
6.5 Monty Panesar to Tillakaratne Dilshan, Full-length delivery and Dilshan hits the ball down to sweeper-cover for a single. 
6.4 Monty Panesar to Tillakaratne Dilshan, FOUR! Full-length delivery and Dilshan plays another switch-hit for another boundary. 
6.3 Monty Panesar to Tillakaratne Dilshan, FOUR!Audacious from Dilshan. Full-length delivery and Dilshan reverse hits the ball for a boundary and get to his fifty too. 
Russel Arnold, left hand bat, comes to the crease. 
6.2 Monty Panesar to Chinthaka Jayasingh, OUT! CAUGHT! Slow delivery. Jayasingh swings his bat for playing a big shot. He has not timed his shot well as the ball lobs in the air and the fielder takes an easy catch. 
6.1 Monty Panesar to Chamara Silva, OUT! STUMPED! Slow-flighted delivery. Silva comes out of his crease to play a big shot. He fails to read the spin on the ball as the ball goes through the gap between the pad and bat.  The keeper collects the ball and dislodges the bails. 
Change of bowling by England, but the result is still same, a dozen runs coming in boundaries in this over to take Sri Lanka closer to their target. Silva picks up one for himself as well, and Sri Lanka are within touching distance of the top of the table. Indian fans will be hoping for England to somehow delay the win for Sri Lanka, because a win for the Britishers seems out of the equation. 14 runs needed in 10 balls now. 
Over: 6 | Summary: 1 1lb 4 1 4 4 Bowler: Chris Tremlett Score: 65/2
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