171/5 (20)
175/5 (19.2)
IND-L won by 5 wickets
So that is all that we have from the first semi-final in the Road Safety World Series season 2, India Legends making it to the Final once again in this tournament and promising to give us, a really worthy final! The second semi-final will take place tomorrow between Sri Lanka Legends and West Indies Legends at the very same venue, so do join us positively then! This is the pair of Soorya and Bidipto, taking your leave! Keep following Sportskeeda! 
The Player of the Match, Naman Ojha: Thanks to everyone in the team and special thanks to Sachin paaji for supporting right through. I was a bit nervous early on, but my captain told me to relax and hang in there, which actually worked out well. I thought that cover drive that went in the air off Dirk Nannes made me really nervous, but I calmed down after that. It is like a dream come true to bat and play alongside Sachin paaji, I could not do it when I played active cricket, but this tournament has given me that opportunity so I'm thankful for it. The body has held up well, I've only retired two years back and have been playing some league games, so I'm pretty fine. Yes indeed, we are ready for the finals for sure! 
Sachin Tendulkar (India Legends Captain): Unbelievable! The conditions were tough for bowlers right through the bowling innings because the ball was wet all through, but we restricted them to 136 overnight, I thought that was incredible from us! Today, the batters did the job for us. It was much drier today, the conditions weren't that easy to bat on, Irfan actually made it look easier that it was. Mithun bowled really well and all the other bowlers too stuck to the plan. We were nervous obviously at some points, in a pressure game like this, but our calculations were always on, no matter what. They don't come off all the time but when they do, they make the difference. The last when we played here, the experience was fantastic, and we want to do it one more time in the final for sure. 
Shane Watson (Australia Legends Captain): It was a great game of cricket for sure. We were certainly in the game halfway through. To get 170 odd was a good effort - the wicket was a little bit sticky yesterday compared to today. We just couldn't execute for long enough (with the ball). India's batters batted really well. We felt like it could have gone either way and unfortunately for us, Irfan Pathan came out and took down Dirk Nannes. It has been a hell of fun to be out there playing and enjoying what I know better than anything. But I'm enjoying the retirement part and enjoyed being out there with fellow retired players. It's a fantastic tournament. It was a day I never thought it would happen again - when I retired from international cricket for starters I thought I wouldn't get another opportunity to represent my country. Huge thanks to the organisers for a fantastic tournament.
Irfan Pathan: I knew I just had to go all out. But I knew I had to stay in for at least 3 or 4 balls and target a particular bowler. The kind of angle I needed, Dirk Nannes provided that angle and it was fantastic from Naman Ojha. I want to say special thanks to all my physios. They've done some tremendous work. This is my 13th game in 17-18 days and I've been flying here and there. I'll be looking like a mummy soon with tape all over me. To be playing even after retirement is a blessing and to be playing alongside Sachin Tendulkar - what better feeling that. Him being captain and me playing under him. It feels really, really special. The final is a big game but hopefully we come back here and play our best cricket.
India Legends - 175/5, beat Australia Legends - 171/5, by 5 wickets, with 4 balls to spare and make it to the Final.

Naman Ojha 90* (62) | Abhimanyu Mithun - 2/25
Ben Dunk 46 (26) | Shane Watson - 2/16

This was an innings that went very much right down to the wire and it was Irfan Pathan, on one leg, and Naman Ojha, who finished the job for the India Legends! 

That 19th over turned the game on its head and sealed the deal for the hosts. Dirk Nannes to Irfan Pathan was not the best choice in all likelihood, with Brett Lee and Shane Watson still there to bowl and it really did turn out to be that way in the end! 

Naman Ojha was first-class, batting right through the innings and ensuring victory for his side. He kept the asking rate in check with his hits, even when wickets kept falling from the other end. 

The Australian bowling, especially Shane Watson and the spinners, was pretty impressive. They kept pegging the Indians back with dot balls and wickets. Brett Lee at the start bowled well too. But in the end, they could not quite get the job done with the ball.

The pitch on the whole, played pretty well and the outfield too was quick, despite all the rain we have had in Raipur. There was something in it for everyone if they applied themselves. 

So now, we have one finalist decided, we need another, and that will be known tomorrow when Sri Lanka Legends take on West Indies Legends at the very venue! 
19.2 Brett Lee to Irfan Pathan, FOUR! FINISHES IT IN STYLE DOES IRFAN! He has been stupendous today to say the least! Right in the arc at the stumps and he gets forward before making room to pick it up and over mid-wicket to send it on its way to the fence. He can see the smiles and why not - India Legends win by 5 wickets and make the final of the Road Safety World Series 2022!
19.2 Brett Lee to Irfan Pathan, WIDE! HARSH CALL! Lee cannot believe it and you can see why. He nails the wide yorker just along the tramline. Clearly a good part of it was well inside it in fact as Irfan skips down the track looking to slice it in vain. The umpire deems it wide enough though.
19.1 Brett Lee to Naman Ojha, pitched up and shaping into the leg stump, Ojha clips it from his crease to deep mid-wicket and settles for a single. Can Irfan finish it in style?
Over the wicket.

Brett Lee [3.0-0-13-0] comes back into the attack.

It was a surprising decision to go with Dirk Nannes with Brett Lee and Shane Watson still having overs left, and Australia Legends paid the price for it! Irfan Pathan has almost done it for his team with those magnificent strikes over the rope! 3 to get off 6 balls! 
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Dirk Nannes
18.6 Dirk Nannes to Naman Ojha, pitched up at the stumps, Ojha makes room and drills it on the up for a single to long off.
18.5 Dirk Nannes to Naman Ojha, BEATEN! Slower one that rolls across a length outside off stump. Width on offer but Ojha fails to ride the lack of bounce on his attempted cut.
18.4 Dirk Nannes to Irfan Pathan, slower length delivery outside off stump. Irfan thumps it uppishly down to long off for a lone run.
18.3 Dirk Nannes to Irfan Pathan, SIX MORE! IRFAN IS IN A HURRY NOW! Nannes keeps aiming for the yorker but continues to err in execution. Another one in the slotsville at the stumps and Irfan cannons it straight as a die over the bowler's head for a maximum!
18.3 Dirk Nannes to Irfan Pathan, WIDE! PRESSURE! Loses his line in an attempt to keep it away from the batter's reach. Spills it past the tramline and Irfan has no reason to play at those. Surely, Brett Lee had to bowl this over?
18.2 Dirk Nannes to Irfan Pathan, SIX MORE! IRFAN IS PLAYING A BLINDER! Nannes misses his length again and feeds it in the slot at the stumps. Irfan clears his front leg and gets right underneath this one to power it over long on who can only watch it sail over his head.
18.1 Dirk Nannes to Irfan Pathan, SIX! HUGE! Right in the slot at the stumps but Irfan brings out a shot he is so good at. He stays low and swings with all might to send it soaring over the man at deep square leg for six.
Well this game is going right down to the wire! The bodies are being tested out there in the middle, both in terms of hitting and fielding. These players are giving it their all still and at the moment, it is the Naman Ojha show that continues! 
148 /5 score
cricket bat icon Naman Ojha *
88 (59)
cricket bat icon Irfan Pathan
14 (7)
cricket ball icon Nathan Reardon
1 /31