St Gallen CC 64/7 (10 ov)
Olten CC 67/0 (4.1 ov)
Olten CC won by 10 wickets
Olten CC have won the game by 10 wickets!

This is a complete annihilation of the home side by Olten CC. They have chased the target in just 4.1 overs. Olten CC went after the bowlers right from the word 'GO'. They hit a staggering eight maximums and two boundaries. Varothayan and Yaso scored 37 and 28 runs respectively and showed no mercy as they went about their business. The St Gallen bowlers were not disciplined in their lengths and bowled too many balls in the slot. In the end, St Gallen just did not have enough on the board to defend. A complete domination by Olten CC and they are displaying their prowess in this tournament. They have now won two games on the trot and have established their stature in the tournament.

Ali Nayyer has been adjudged the man of the match for his tremendous performance of 1/5.

So there it is, a completely one-sided game propelled by the pure excellence of Olten CC. Join us for the 4th game of the evening as Zurich Crickets CC take on the hosts, St Gallen CC. This is me, Maanas Upadhyay, and Dwijesh Reddy singing off. We hope you enjoyed our coverage. Stay safe!
4.1 M Nasim to Y Thirnavukarasu, SIX! WHAT A WAY TO FINISH THE GAME! In the slot outside off and Yaso heaves it over deep midwicket for another massive six! Olten has demolished the home side with the openers chasing down 65 in JUST 4.1 overs!
Olten CC are are at a commanding position of 61/0 at the end of 4 overs. They are just a hit away now from their second victory.
3.6 K Fletcher to P Varothayan, THIS IS CARNAGE! Another short ball on the hips from Fletcher. Varothayan swivels and pulls it over the fine-leg boundary for another six!
3.5 K Fletcher to Y Thirnavukarasu, short ball outside off, Yaso blasts it back at the bowler for another single!
3.4 K Fletcher to Y Thirnavukarasu, PLAY AND A MISS! Good length ball outside off and Yaso comes down the track to meet. Fails to do so.
3.3 K Fletcher to P Varothayan, quick single for Varothayan! The fielding side trying to induce some run-outs to claw their way into this game.
3.2 K Fletcher to P Varothayan, HOW ABOUT THAT FOR A SHOT! Short on the hips and Varothayan picks it up effortlessly and deposits over the square leg boundary!
3.1 K Fletcher to Y Thirnavukarasu, short outside off, Yaso doesn't get the timing right and only gets a single! Dances down the pitch but mistimes the shot.
Olten CC are making a mockery of this chase. This is a cakewalk for the openers. They have reached 46/0 at the end of 3 overs. 
2.6 M Ahmadzai to P Varothayan, SIX! Varothayan pulls a short ball over mid-wicket for another SIX! 
2.6 M Ahmadzai to P Varothayan, WIDE! Looks to cramp the batsman for room but sprays it down the leg side!
2.5 M Ahmadzai to P Varothayan, SIX! THIS IS JUST TOO EASY! A low full-toss on offer and Varothayan flicks it over the leg-side for an effortless SIX!
2.4 M Ahmadzai to Y Thirnavukarasu, another short ball and Yaso gets it to point for a single!
2.3 M Ahmadzai to Y Thirnavukarasu, A SWING AND A MISS! Short ball outside off and Yaso fails to connect this time!
2.2 M Ahmadzai to Y Thirnavukarasu, FOUR! OVER THE COVERS! Yano seems in terrific form here. Lofts the full ball over cover.
2.1 M Ahmadzai to Y Thirnavukarasu, HUGE HIT! SIX MORE! Another one in the slot and Yaso smashes it over the bowler's head for another six! This is an early Christmas gift for Yaso!
Olten CC are 22/0 at the end of 2 overs. The required rate has now dropped to a meagre 5.37
1.6 N Mahmood to Y Thirnavukarasu, full ball on middle stump, Yaso plays it towards leg for a single!
1.5 N Mahmood to Thirnavukarasu, APPEAL FOR CAUGHT BEHIND but not given!
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