BC Champions 121/7 (20 ov)
Surrey Shines 122/2 (11.4 ov)
Surrey Shines won by 8 wickets
Surrey Shines win this game by 8 wickets and 51 balls to spare!!

The BC Champions at the halfway through the game looked like hand an under-par score to defend, to begin with, and came to bowling with their plans which were ruined by the one many army Bhullar who scored magnificent 83 run knock and made sure that his side reached to the win as early as possible to better their run rate!!

The only bowler who could pause the on-slot for BC Champions was Vinod who wasn't hit for the majority of his overs!!

That's it from the game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage of the match between Surrey Shine and BC Champions. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Sarthak Karkhanis signing off till then take care and stay safe!!!
11.3 Gurtej to Yuvraj, full toss on the legs, a single taken and they win the game with 51 balls to spare. 
11.2 Gurtej to Yuvraj, boundary down the ground. Down to 1 run now!!
11.1 Gurtej to Yuvraj, 6 runs on the leg side boundary!! Just 5 runs needed now for SS to win!!!
At the end of the 11th over SS is 111/2. They now need just 11 runs in the remaining 9 overs!!!! Finally, BCC manages to get Bhullar as he looked in a bit of hurry to end this game and lost his wicket in the process of hitting boundaries  in this over but maybe it is a bit too late for them!!!
10.6 Khosa to Yuvraj, dot ball
10.5 Khosa to Gurjeet, 1 run, hit towards the onside for an easy single!!!
10.4 Khosa to Bhullar, wicket! He tries to smack it but ends in the hands of the fielder in the deep and wonderful innings from Bullar comes to an end!!
10.3 Khosa to Bhullar, 4 runs as he smashes it in the same region, this time he has been aided by the misfield by the fielder in the deep
10.2 Khosa to Bhullar, 6 runs over square leg as smacks the length ball
10.1 Khosa to Bhullar, pulled away for a four towards square leg and with that boundary, it's 100 up for SS!!!
At the halfway through the innings, SS is 96/1. They now need 26 runs in the remaining 10 overs which should be an easy task unless they just crumble through!!!
At the end of the 9th over SS is 87/1. They now need 35 runs in 11 overs!! In this over SS batter was injured and was retired hurt we will have to see if he is okay!!!! On the other hand, Bullar continues to hit big
8.6 Thind to Bhullar, short ball and he has pulled away for 4 runs
8.5 Thind to Bhullar, 2 runs taken as he lofts it over the infield
8.4 Thind to Yuvraj, length ball outside off, driven for a single
8.3 Thind to Yuvraj, left alone by the batsman
8.2 Thind to Yuvraj, outside off and the batsman missed the delivery
8.1 Thind to Virk, the bouncer on the middle stump, OUCH!! And the batsman's hit on the head and is down. It was a nasty blow for Virk and he has been retired hurt!! The new batsman is Yuvraj!!!
At the end of the 8th over SS is 81/1. They now need 41 runs in 12 overs!! Finally, BCC manage to get a much-needed breakthrough can they manage to change their fortunes??
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