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Sparta 1888 140/7 (10 ov)
SV Kampong Cricket 128/7 (10 ov)
Sparta 1888 won by 12 runs.
Sparta Cricket beats Kampong Cricket by 12 runs!

What a match! Just when Kampong Cricket looked down for the count, they managed to scare Sparta with a flurry of boundaries towards the end with Latif having to get his act right in the final over. It was a decent effort from Kampong with Ratha Alphonse top-scoring with 46 runs off just 17 balls! He lacked support in the middle phase with none of the top-order batsmen able to get going. They were also put to the sword by the duo of Manin Singh and Max Hoornweg, who chipped in with a wicket each. However, there seemed to be a twist in the tale with Faizan Bashir and Raza Anis clearing the boundary at will but the target proved to be way too much, especially after Bukhari's brilliance in the death overs. With that win, Sparta adds two more points into the account. As for Kampong, they are in action later today as they face Sparta once again with revenge firmly on their minds. 

ECS T10 action keeps coming at us as Voorburg takes on Excelsior in about 20 mins. But that's it for this game. Hope you had a blast keeping up with what was a high-scoring thriller in the end! Until next time, this is Dwijesh Reddy along with my colleague Gaurav Kadam signing off. Take Care!
9.6 Mamoon Latif to Raza Anis, two runs to end the innings as Raza skies the ball as Latif tries to get under it but missed it and dropped the catch! Kampong fall short of the target and Sparta get their second win of the day!
9.5 Mamoon Latif to Khalid Sherzaad , CAUGHT! Khalid smashes the short delivery towards the long on fielder Singh who does brilliantly to get the catch right at the boundary line and prevent the six!
9.4 Mamoon Latif to Khalid Sherzaad , Latif does well and beats the batsman at the crease who attempted a big shot but misses it totally!
9.3 Mamoon Latif to Raza Anis, single for Anis as he hits it down to the mid-off fielder. They wanted two but have to settle for a single!
9.2 Mamoon Latif to Raza Anis, FOUR! Wow! Raza slashes at the ball pitched outside off and gets the edge as the ball rushes down to the boundary line! Exciting stuff on the cards here!
9.1 Mamoon Latif to Raza Anis, SIX! What a start to the crunch over! Latif is hit for a maximum towards the mid-on region! 20 needed off 5 now! What a start to the over! Can Raza pull off a couple more boundaries!
KAM 115 for 6 after 9 overs! KAM needs 26 runs off the last six balls! What an over that is from Bukhari, who has seemingly shut the door on that chase. But do the cricketing gods have something special in store for us? Highly unlikely but we have to wait and watch!
8.6 Mudassar Bukhari to Khalid Sherzaad , two runs to finish the over with a shot towards the mid wicket region.
8.5 Mudassar Bukhari to Khalid Sherzaad , dot ball as the batsman is unable to get the ball on bat here. Brilliant bowling this from Bukhari!
8.4 Mudassar Bukhari to Khalid Sherzaad , Khalid does well to get two runs playing the shot through the cover region.
8.3 Mudassar Bukhari to Danish Ateeq, Ateeq departs as he skies an easy catch off the skipper Bukhari.
8.2 Mudassar Bukhari to Khalid Sherzaad , single for Khalid as he plays the ball towards the mid wicket area.
8.1 Mudassar Bukhari to Danish Ateeq, Ateeq gets the ball towards the mid-on region to bring the new man on strike
8.1 Mudassar Bukhari to Danish Ateeq, WIDE! A wide to start off by Bukhari here as he goes outside off!
KAM 108 for 5 after 8 overs! KAM needs 33 runs after 12 balls! A massive over for Kampong who have been boosted by Bashir's cameo, who had to depart in the penultimate ball of the eighth overs!. But with Bukhari yet to bowl his second over, we could be in for a cracking finish! Buckle up, folks!
7.6 Manin Singh to Faizan Bashir, WICKET! Bashir departs as he has hit it right to the fielder here. Good innings comes to an end. Another twist in the tale? 
7.6 Manin Singh to Faizan Bashir, WIDE! Singh is feeling the pressure as he strays off his line. Will the extra ball cost them?
7.5 Manin Singh to Danish Ateeq, single taken by Ateeq as he gets the ball towards the mid-on area of the park.
7.4 Manin Singh to Faizan Bashir, single for Bashir as he hits the ball towards the square leg region.
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