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Voorburg Cricket Club 95/10 (10 ov)
SV Kampong Cricket 98/3 (8.3 ov)
SV Kampong Cricket won by 7 wickets
KAM beat VCC by 7 wickets

SV Kampong will be cherishing that victory, after all it has come after three failed attempts and coming agonizingly close on two occasions. The inning started off in a horror fashion as Adriaan Verbeek went back to the pavilion on the second delivery but it was Perre Jacod and Shaheryar Butt who strung together a belligerent partnership in the face of adversity to steer the KAM side to the victory shores.

Butt coasted to a well-deserved half-century in 22 balls as he smoked 4 monstrous SIXES which most certainly would have landed in Amsterdam. VCC will feel their batting let them down in the first inning as six batsmen fell prey to runouts. 

So that's that from our side, this is Abhinav Singh and my partner Sameer Deodhar signing off. Hope you had fun whilst tuning in to the commentary just as much we had while bringing the live-action to you. Till next time, stay safe, stay indoors and keep washing your hands! Goodbye fellas!
8.3 A. Ahmed to S. Butt, SIX! Full delivery outside off absolutely clobbered over covers to bring his half-century and the win for KAM!
8.2 A. Ahmed to V. Chaturvedi, gets an inside edge on his pads and Butt is back on strike
8.1 A. Ahmed to V. Chaturvedi, SIX! Takes a step towards the bowler and slaps the full delivery back past the bowler. The ball lands just outside the boundary line for a flat six! Its in the bag now!
9 runs coming from the over as Kingma finishes his quota of two overs with figures of 2-0-16-1. Penultimate over coming up and KAM need 11 runs in 12 balls.

KAM 85/3, after 8 overs
7.6 V. Kingma to S. Butt, drops the ball short and wide, just inside the wide line. DOT BALL
7.5 V. Kingma to V. Chaturvedi, flicks the length ball on his pads to square leg and Kingma is still looking at his left hand where the ball hit him on the previous delivery
7.4 V. Kingma to V. Chaturvedi, advances and smacks the full delivery back hard to the bowler. He put his hand out and stopped a certain boundary. He obviously is in pain at the moment! That area is certainly going to be purple by the end of the day!
7.3 V. Kingma to S. Butt, tries to slog the full delivery but gets an inside edge to the left of the keeper. Chaturvedi quickly scampers for the single. A direct-hit might've been interesting but the keeper was off-balanced while throwing the ball
7.2 V. Kingma to S. Butt, tries to hit the full delivery outside off too hard and misses it altogether. Oof, misses on the free hit!
7.2 V. Kingma to S. Butt, FOUR! Drops another bouncer, Butt gets a top-edge on the pull to fine leg and Kingma has overstepped! That certainly is the game now! 13 runs in 17 balls now

Free hit!
7.2 V. Kingma to S. Butt, Kingma drops it short outside off and the ball goes well over the batsman's head! And that is one bouncer for the over! Kingma can't bowl any more of those
7.1 V. Kingma to V. Chaturvedi, gets an inside edge on the pull and Butt charges for the single. Brings the dangerman Butt on strike!
Despite losing the wicket of Jacod, KAM manage to collect a whopping 18 runs from the 7th over! Within touching margin of the victory now! One would feel they have this one in the bag now but cricket is a funny game and it isn't over till the fat lady sings!
KAM 76/3, after 7 overs, needing 20 runs in remaining 18 deliveries
6.6 R. Waheed to S. Butt, SIX! Swats the length ball on off-stump fiercely and the ball has gone well behind the boundary line!
6.5 R. Waheed to S. Butt, FOUR! Gets a thick outside edge on the drive on a full ball well outside off and the ball runs to the thirdman fence for a boundary!
6.4 R. Waheed to P. Jacod, OUT! Shuffles across and scoops the full delivery on the stumps straight down the throat of the fielder at short fine leg! There was absolutely no need for that shot! Poor cricketing sense from Jacod!
6.3 R. Waheed to S. Butt, gets an inside edge on the slap on a fuller delivery outside off and gets just a run, brings Jacod on strike who has looked threatening!
6.2 R. Waheed to S. Butt, SIX! Bowls it in the slot and Butt sends the ball into the orbit over long-off! Butt is turning on the heat here! He has hit two maximums and they both have gone over the park!
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