140/3 (10)
141/4 (9.5)
SWE won by 6 wickets
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Sweden beat Denmark by 6 wickets

Sweden: 141/4 (9.5)
Share Ali 50 (18) | Debarchan Dash 26 (15)
Abdullah Mahmood 3/17 (2.0)

An absolute edge of a seat match, high scoring thriller and Sweden has done it, they have chased this down. they will face the Dutch in qualifier 1, and they will look to win against the unbeaten team after todays performance. Share Ali scored a quick fire half century to take the pressure off, Dash was with him in a good partnership, but then they lost three quick wickets. Khalil and Choudhry came in and rescued them from there, Choudhry made sure in the end that they crossed the line with a ball to spare.

Denmark will be disappointed with this, it was their game but the bowlers have let them down. Mahmood brought them back into the game with a 3-wicket over, and Karimi just gave away 9 from his 2 overs. But they still couldn't defend this and now they are playing a decider, the Eliminator tomorrow.
9.5 Adam Leigh to Shahzeb Choudhry, SIX! Sweden pulls off one of the epic chases in ECC successfully. This one was bowled on a length around middle and leg, Choudhry chips it over long-on and it goes to the commentary panel. Choudhry lifts his bat in joy and the celebration is on. Sweden are proving to be the chase masters of this tournament. Unbelievable run chase
9.4 Adam Leigh to Shahzeb Choudhry, FOUR! What a shot. On a length outside off, Choudhry slaps it hard towards the right of the sweeper cover, the fielder stretches his hand but it goes over the ropes on the bounce
9.3 Adam Leigh to Shahzeb Choudhry, IN THE AIR AND SAFE. Slices the length delivery, the fielder at backward point tracks back but couldn't reach it. Another brace and Choudhry will be on strike
9.2 Adam Leigh to Shahzeb Choudhry, back of a length delivery and it's been pulled towards cow corner and they take a couple of runs
9.1 Adam Leigh to Umar Nawaz, length delivery shaping away from outside off, Nawaz swings and misses. Choudhry charges to the strikers' end and they sneak a bye
15 off 6 now, anyones game now
126 /4 score
cricket bat icon Shahzeb Choudhry
11 (6)
cricket bat icon Umar Nawaz *
10 (5)
cricket ball icon Lucky Malik
0 /12
8.6 Lucky Malik to Shahzeb Choudhry, short of a length delivery angling in, Choudhry pulls it down to short fine leg. It's a hit me delivery from Malik but Choudhry couldn't capitalise on it
8.5 Lucky Malik to Shahzeb Choudhry, slams the length delivery uppishly towards long-off and the fielder fails to collect it cleanly on the bounce. They take a second run
8.4 Lucky Malik to Umar Nawaz, heaves the length delivery down to deep mid-wicket for a single
8.3 Lucky Malik to Shahzeb Choudhry, punches the length delivery down to long-off and settle for a single
8.2 Lucky Malik to Shahzeb Choudhry, quicker delivery outside off, Choudhry pulls but gets an inside edge onto the pads
8.2 Lucky Malik to Shahzeb Choudhry, WIDE
8.1 Lucky Malik to Shahzeb Choudhry, SIX! MY WORD! Length delivery outside off, Choudhry slog sweeps this over cow corner and gets a maximum
Umar Nawaz comes to the crease.

Bad decision to go for the second, they need 27 off the two overs now, and its a new batsman on crease.
114 /4 score
cricket bat icon Azam Khalil
21 (8)
cricket bat icon Shahzeb Choudhry *
10 (5)
cricket ball icon Abdullah Mahmood
3 /17
7.6 Abdullah Mahmood to Shahzeb Choudhry, RUN OUT! Khalil is gone. Quicker delivery on leg-stump, chipped towards long-on. The batters charges for a second run but the throw to the non-strikers' end was perfect and the bowler knocks the stumps. Khalil slides and tries to drag but the stumps were broken before that
7.5 Abdullah Mahmood to Shahzeb Choudhry, FOUR! Slices the length delivery to the vacant third man fence.