Sydney Sixers 205/4 (20 ov)
Melbourne Renegades 60/10 (10.4 ov)
Sixers won by 145 runs
Player of the match: Josh Philippe
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What a clinical performance this has been from the Sydney Sixers! They played every bit like the defending champions. Unfortunately for the Renegades, they too played every bit like the wooden spoon holders. It was as complete a performance as it gets for the Syndey Sixers as they've handed the Melbourne Renegades a crushing 145-run defeat.

The game was first setup by the batsman for the Sixers as they managed to post a monumental total of 205 runs. All the limelight was on Josh Philippe in that innings as he top scored with a majestic 95. He was well aided by Jordan Silk who scored a blitzkrieg 45 from just 19 balls to take the Sixers' total past the 200 mark.

As if that battering was not enough for the Renegades, they suffered an even poorer performance with the bat as they were bowled out for a measly 60 - the lowest total in BBL history! They never looked like they were in the chase as they kept losing wickets left-right and center.

Ben Dwarshius was the pick of the bowlers for the Sixers as he picked up an impressive 4-13 (2.4 overs). Steve O'Keefe was excellent too and he recorded figures of 3-16 (3 overs). All in all, the Sixers could not have asked for a better performance. Their confidence would have taken a big boost after a game like that. For the Renegades on the other hand, its a game they'll want to forget as quickly as possible.

Josh Philippe is the Man of the Match

"It was a wonderful team effort. Learnt at lot during my time at the IPL with guys like Finchy and AB de Villiers. It always feels nice to get a good win like this on the board." - Josh Philippe

Sydney Sixers win by 145 runs
10.4 Ben Dwarshuis to Kane Richardson, OUT! Beautiful yorker! That was fast and before Kane could complete that hoick, the ball crashed into the base of middle stump. It's all over for the Renegades! Sydney Sixers win by 145 runs
10.3 Ben Dwarshuis to Kane Richardson, slower one on off, goes through to the keeper
10.2 Ben Dwarshuis to Kane Richardson, SIX! CRACK SLAM! Fast and angling on a length, stays still and simply smashes that over deep mid wicket.That pinged off from the absolute centre of the bat. 
10.1 Ben Dwarshuis to Jon Holland, full on middle, Holland digs that one just in time to third man for a single 
Ben Dwarshius, left-arm medium-fast, back into the attack
Only a matter of time now, this has been a clinical performance from the defending champs!
53 /9 score
cricket ball icon Carlos Brathwaite
9.6 Brathwaite to Kane Richardson, full and fast on leg, too quick for Kane as he wildly attempts to slog it across the Tasmanian sea. Goes through to the keeper. 
9.5 Brathwaite to Kane Richardson, short on middle, clubs it down the ground for a quick brace
9.4 Brathwaite to Kane Richardson, good length on middle, slogs it away for a brace
9.3 Brathwaite to Jon Holland, batsman makes room early, Carlos follows him with a short one, steered away for single 
9.2 Brathwaite to Kane Richardson, slower on the shorter side, pulls it away for a single 
9.1 Brathwaite to Jon Holland, short on middle, mistimes that pull shot and it falls safe
Well, the Renegades have managed to lose 5 wickets in the space of 10 balls! The Renegades are in danger of being bowled out for the lowest total in BBL history. The current record is 76 runs!
46 /9 score
cricket ball icon Steve O'Keefe
8.6 O' Keefe to Jon Holland, full and straight, mistimes that slog to long off for a single 
8.5 O' Keefe to Kane Richardson, good length, loft driven to long off for a single 
8.4 O' Keefe to Jon Holland, full toss on middle, skies it to long off for a single 
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