43rd Match, Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney
SIX won by 6 runs.
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Sean Abbott (Man of the Match) - We waited a bit to freshen up and the wicket really suited us. We are looking forward to Hobart now as it's going to be completely different conditions with good batting wicket. Credit to AJ for bowling reverse swinging yorkers on this wicket. The team that adjust quickly here can come out on top. (On Scorchers) They are class, missing the few players in the bowling department but when we face them in the finals, we have to adjust like how we did tonight. We had a great home crowd advantage. It was the best atmosphere when we faced the Scorchers in the final at SCG last time. We will try and do our best in the remaining games to finish in the top spot and make sure the final happens in SCG again
Sydney Sixers won by 6 runs
Josh Philippe 54(48) | Stephen Eskinazi 66(54)
Sean Abbott 3-18 | Peter Hatzoglou 2-27

How crucial was that six from Dwarshuis in the final ball of the first innings. Well, looking at the margin of the defeat that was really massive from the Sixers' point of view. But nothing to take away from Sean Abbott as he was tremendous again inside the powerplay. He got rid of Bancroft and Hardie cheaply to set the tone for the Sixers in the chase.

Inglis and Turner hung in for a while but the duo failed to convert the start into a big score. Eskinazi shouldered the responsibility and played sensibly but it was a tough wicket to play the strokes even for the well-set batter. 

Hobson was the only batter, who looked destructive but Abbott ended his cameo to help the Sixers regain control in the match. Dan Christian bowled an all-important penultimate over, picked up two wickets and conceded just seven runs to make things easy for Hayden Kerr in the final over. Eskinazi fought till the end to keep the Scorchers alive in the contest but couldn't come up with a final blow to help them cross the finish line
145 /7 score
cricket bat icon Stephen Eskinazi
66 (54)
cricket bat icon David Payne *
5 (4)
cricket ball icon Sean Abbott
3 /26
19.6 Hayden Kerr to David Payne, back of a length, Payne mistimes his pull as it rolls it to long-on. Sydney Sixers held their composure and win by 6 runs
19.5 Hayden Kerr to David Payne, full on leg-stump, Payne drills it down to the left of long-on. Smith slides to his left, cuts it off and keeps them down to two
19.4 Hayden Kerr to Stephen Eskinazi, HUGE APPEAL...NOT GIVEN! Nails the yorker angling across off-stump, Eskinazi shuffles across and tries to swing across but he didn't get underneath the ball. The ball hits his front pad and they sneak a leg-bye.
19.3 Hayden Kerr to Stephen Eskinazi, full just outside leg-stump, Eskinazi shuffles across and swings across the line but didn't get any contact
19.2 Hayden Kerr to Stephen Eskinazi, FOUR! Full angling across, Eskinazi sits deep in the crease, fetches it from outside off-stump and whacks it superbly towards wide long-on
19.1 Hayden Kerr to David Payne, yorker length delivery on middle stump, Payne jams it down to long-on and gets a single
Hayden Kerr has a big job to do for the Sixers.
136 /7 score
cricket bat icon Stephen Eskinazi
62 (51)
cricket bat icon David Payne *
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Daniel Christian
2 /7
18.6 Daniel Christian to David Payne, yorker length delivery on middle stump, Payne mistimes his drive as it dies on the off-side. Eskinazi acknowledges the single and takes it
David Payne, RHB, walks in at no.9
18.5 Daniel Christian to Andrew Tye, BOWLED! Christian roars in delight. Slow off-cutter on a fuller length, Tye tries to go over long-on but gets an inside edge and the ball ricochets of his pads to hit the stumps
18.4 Daniel Christian to Andrew Tye, right in the blockhole, Tye jams it down to long-on again and takes a brace
18.3 Daniel Christian to Andrew Tye, full on middle stump, Tye drags it to long-on and gets a couple again. Steve Smith completes a direct hit at the strikers' end but Eskinazi's bat is over the crease
18.2 Daniel Christian to Andrew Tye, slow off-cutter on a good length angling in, Tye flicks it wide of short fine leg and gets a couple
Andrew Tye, RHB, walks in at no.8
18.1 Daniel Christian to Ashton Agar, OUT! Slow off-cutter into the surface and that's been a go-to ball to dismiss the batter. Agar pulls but skews a top-edge and it goes straight to Jordan Silk at deep mid-wicket