Sydney Thunder 209/8 (20 ov)
Melbourne Renegades 80/10 (12.2 ov)
Thunder won by 129 runs
Player of the match: Oliver Davies
It was a clinical display by the Sydney Thunders tonight as they brushed aside this Melbourne Renegades side! The Melbourne Renegades put the Sydney Thunder in to bat first and the Thunder gladly obliged. Their openers got them off to an absolute flier before falling in quick succession. Oliver Davies turned up the heat as he played a magnificent knock of 48 runs to keep the pressure on the Renegade bowlers. Kane Richardson and Peter Hatzoglou pulled things back for the Renegades for a brief period but a cameo from McAndrew towards the end ensured that they got past 200 and set a mammoth target of 209.

The Melbourne Renegades openers needed to settle themselves and get off to a decent start but Shaun Marsh's miserable form continued. It was a free fall from then on as the scoreboard pressure was always too huge for the Melbourne batsmen. The Sydney Thunder bowlers did a splendid job to keep the Melbourne batsmen in check, with Tanveer Sangha being the pick of the bowlers with his four-fer! Adam Milne and Chris Green chipped in with a couple of wickets, while Nathan McAndrew and Daniel Sams got one each. 

The Melbourne Renegades free fall continues and they need to buck up quickly if they want to stay alive in this tournament. As for the Sydney Thunder, it was excellent day of cricket and they overtake the Renegades in the points table and also improve their net run rate thanks to the huge margin of victory.

That's it from Lavil and I, thank you for joining us! Stay tuned as the action continues on the other side as the Sydney Sixers take on the Melbourne Stars in this double header on Boxing Day.
Stat: Melbourne Renegades now hold the dubious record of the highest (145 runs vs Sydney Sixers, match number 5, 2020 ) and the second-highest (129 runs vs Sydney Thunder, today, 2020) margin of defeat against any side in the BBL
12.2 Tanveer Sangha to Peter Hatzoglou, CAUGHT! AND RENEGADES FOLD UNDER 100 RUNS! Full length ball on the stumps from Sangha there, Hatzoglou hits the ball hard but not long enough as Hales hold onto the ball comfortably and hammers the final nail in the coffin. Sydney Thunder win by 129 runs
12.1 Tanveer Sangha to Kane Richardson, full-length ball outside off, Richardson gets the top edge and the ball falls safe behind the slips for a single
Adam Milne gets his second wicket! All five of the Sydney Thunder bowlers have managed to get a wicket and have absolutely blown away this Melbourne Renegades batting. This is going to be a huge win for the Sydney Thunder!

Peter Hatzoglou has walked out in the middle.

Tanveer Sangha comes in to bowl his final over.
79 /9 score
cricket ball icon Adam Milne
11.6 Adam Milne to Peter Hatzoglou, full length ball on the off stump, Peter defends it back hard for a dot ball to end the over
11.5 Adam Milne to Peter Hatzoglou, FOUR! Full-length ball outside off, Hatzoglou swings the ball hard, gets the outside edge that pierces the gap for a boundary
11.4 Adam Milne to Zak Evans, CAUGHT! Good length delivery, test match line from Milne there, Evans looked to clear the infield there but hands min on an easy catch to hold on to
11.3 Adam Milne to Zak Evans, chin music from Evans to the tailender there who allows it to go through unharmed
11.2 Adam Milne to Zak Evans, full length ball on the off stump there from Milne, Evans gets an edge to the fielder, no run
11.1 Adam Milne to Zak Evans, full length ball outside off from Milne there, Evans drills the ball away on the offside and the pair get a brace
The Melbourne Renegades batsmen will swing at everything now! The match is all but lost and they still need to have a go at it. Will Sutherland tries to do exactly that and is back into the pavilion, giving Daniel Sams his first wicket. This has been a really poor overall performance by the Renegades, who only have themselves to blame.

Adam Milne is back into the attack.
73 /8 score
cricket ball icon Daniel Sams
10.6 Daniel Sams to Kane Richardson, FOUR! Full-length ball on the middle stump, Richardson checks the ball hard down the ground and it runs away for a bounce over the ropes for a four
10.5 Daniel Sams to Will Sutherland, CAUGHT! Full-length ball on the stumps there, Sutherland manages to whack the ball only high in the air but not far enough as Hales takes a comfortable catch
10.4 Daniel Sams to Will Sutherland, short this time around from Sams, Sutherland only connects in thin air, no run there
10.3 Daniel Sams to Will Sutherland, EDGED AND FOUR! Full length ball outside off, Sutherland gets a thick outside edge there and the ball runs away through the cordon for a boundary
10.2 Daniel Sams to Will Sutherland, full length ball outside off, Sutherland hits the ball straight to the Thunder captain there, no run
10.1 Daniel Sams to Will Sutherland, full length delivery on the leg stump from Smas, Sutherland taps it away for a dot ball on the leg side 
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