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Tallinn Hippos 150/1 (10 ov)
Tallinn Rising Stars 65/5 (10 ov)
Tallinn Hippos won by 85 runs.
Right! We hope you enjoyed this coverage of ours! Do stay tuned for many such matches further in the tournament! Till then, it's me, Shrey Gupta along with my colleague, Maanas Upadhyay, signing off! Adios!!
What a convincing victory for the Hippos! They have outplayed the Rising Stars in all three departments and thumped them by a huge margin of 85 runs!
The first contest of the tournament and you can say that it was not more than a one-sided affair! The Rising Stars didn't even have a single moment of theirs throughout the match! After a destructive opening partnership, the Hippos posted a hefty total of 150 runs! Chasing 151 is not an easy task by any means in a T-10 competition, and the Rising Stars even took a suicidal route to anchor the chase! With a slow outfield on offer, they didn't take the aerial route and also didn't use the field restrictions well. Moreover, they didn't get their connection right and also with conditions favouring the bowler in second innings, they lost the plot long before the game ended. The Tallinn Hippos, on the other hand, would be a very happy side as everything at stake paid for them in the end!
9.6 T Cross to U Patankar, short ball on the body pulled to deep square leg for a single. That's it! The Tallinn Hippos have won this one by 85 runs!
9.5 T Cross to U Patankar, no run, slower loopy ball swinging in and the batsman is deceived by the change of pace.
9.4 T Cross to P Sarathi, full ball on the pads slogged towards deep mid-wicket for a single.
9.3 T Cross to U Patankar, full insiwnging delivery that raps the batsman on the pads and deflects towards fine leg for a leg bye,
9.2 T Cross to P Sarathi, full ball on the pads driven down the ground for a single.
9.1 T Cross to U Patankar, full ball outside off chipped over the bowler's head for a single.
Last over coming up! The game is decided and the Hippos have a formality to complete!
8.6 M Tammoja to U Patankar, short ball outside off cut to point for a quick single.
8.5 M Tammoja to M Mannan, OUT! Loopy ball outside off and the batsman dances down the track but misses completely. The keeper dislodges the bails and Tammoja gets his first wicket! Good glovework by the Keeper as he makes Mannan walking at a score of just 3 runs!
8.4 M Tammoja to P Sarathi, single taken towards third man.
8.3 M Tammoja to M Mannan, DROPPED! Full ball on the pads lofted towards mid-wicket. and Tim Filer puts down the catch
8.2 M Tammoja to P Sarathi, single taken to mid-wicket.
8.1 M Tammoja to M Mannan, full ball hit straight to cover for a quick single. Cannot make full use of the free hit.
8.1 M Tammoja to M Mannan, no ball first up. Slips out of the bowler's hand and goes above the batsman's head.
The Rising Stars are mathematically out of the game as well! They are 54-4 after 8 overs.
7.6 R Raud to M Mannan, short ball outside off smacked to long off for a single.
7.5 R Raud to T Somon, OUT! CHOPPED HIM! Full ball pitching on the off stump and the wind carries it through the batsman's defences to clip the top of leg stump. That has been through the gap between the bat and pad and Somon has to depart! So, wickets tumbling for the Rising Stars now!
7.4 R Raud to T Somon, no run, length ball outside off cut straight to the third-man fielder who is inside the circle.
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