Tallinn Stallions 121/3 (10 ov)
Tallinn Rising Stars 63/7 (10 ov)
Tallinn Stallions won by 58 runs.
That's it from the game everyone. We hope that you enjoyed this all-round performance by Tallinn Stallions against Tallinn Rising Stars. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Pradeep Somashekar and alongside me, Dwijesh Reddy signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
Tallinn Stallions beat Tallinn Rising Stars by 58 runs!

Alright, Tallinn Stallions all-round perfomance ensured they win this match and win big, Rising Stars looked never in the game to begin with, they needed 12 RPO to start and it was a sorry batting effort from them, no one looked in good touch and made an effort to get this chase underway, disappointing stuff from them!

Stallions on the other side were terrific with their bowling. Wahid Nazir 8/3 from his 2 especially was their pick of the bowlers, Bilal Masud and Ehtesham Sheikh started the proceedings for them and they were right on the money from get-go, good effort in the end, a complete performance! They will be very happy with this bowling and batting effort!
Alright, Rising Stars have been put out of the misery here! Tallinn Stallions win by 58 runs! TRS end with 63/7 from their 10 overs!
9.6 Adeel Sabir to Nazmul Haque, low full-toss on leg stump and Haque gets it to square leg as they take a quick single! With that the Stallions beat Rising Stars by 58 runs and MAKE IT TO THE FINAL!
9.5 Adeel Sabir to Udayan Patankar, Udayan plays it back down the ground for just a single
9.4 Adeel Sabir to Udayan Patankar, Sabir raps the batsmen on the face! Not an ideal scenario for any batsman!
9.3 Adeel Sabir to Nazmul Haque, Nazmul misses out once again and Udayan calls for another bye. Makes it in time!
9.2 Adeel Sabir to Nazmul Haque, FOUR! Nazmul waits for a loopy short ball and cuts it towards the cover region for a four! Too late for this perhaps!
9.1 Adeel Sabir to Nazmul Haque, dot ball, Nazmul misses out on a low full-toss!
This has been an impressive bowling effort from Stallions, initially everyone thought Rising Stars have a chance to chase this, but it never looked that way for them, they were never in the game! TRS are 56/7 after 9 overs!
8.6 Abdul Saboor to Nazmul Haque, Nazmul misses out on a length ball but is called for a bye, which the batsmen complete easily!
8.5 Abdul Saboor to Udayan Patankar, another length ball from Saboor, Udayan plays it uppishly towards long-off but for just another harmless single
8.4 Abdul Saboor to Nazmul Haque, Nazmul gets an edge past the keeper and scurries for a single
8.3 Abdul Saboor to Md Riaz, BOWLED! Riaz gets out first ball as he fails to get bat on ball on a straight ball. Second wicket for Saboor this over!
8.2 Abdul Saboor to Udayan Patankar, length ball slapped towards mid-off by Udayan!
8.1 Abdul Saboor to Miraz Mahabubul, full ball on middle and leg, Miraz throws the kitchen sink at it but hits it straight to Ali Masood, who takes a good catch at long-on!
Rising Stars just need to finish with the formality, it's all looking gloomy for them! TRS are 52/5 after 8 overs! They need 70 runs in 12 balls!
7.6 Muhammad Rizwan to Udayan Patankar, Udayan turns out to the leg side and takes a comfortable single. But a wayward throw allows the extra run!
7.5 Muhammad Rizwan to Udayan Patankar, dot ball!
7.4 Muhammad Rizwan to Miraz Mahabubul, one run taken with a push towards the point region!
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