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Tallinn Stallions 127/4 (10 ov)
Tallinn United 77/7 (10 ov)
Tallinn Stallions won by 50 runs.
Tallinn Stallions beat Stallinn United by 50 runs
Tallinn United started of quietly in the chase. None of their batsmen could get going as TS bowlers bowled tight lines and lengths giving no room for the batsman to go big. The Tallinn United could not get bat enough bat  on ball and could not score boundaries at will. The Tallinn United batsman could not get going and kept losing wickets at regular intervals. The Stallions capitalized on every opportunity with both bat and ball and they have come out as the better team of the two teams that competed today. Skipper, Saif Malik is truly a standout in this game for his all-round performance with both bat and ball, also proving vital in the field with two good catches. 

That is it from us here at Sportskeeda, viewers.We hope you enjoyed our coverage of this T10 game. Stay tuned for other games going on around the world. Till then, this is me Manoj Sarma and my co-commentator Dwijesh Reddy signing off with numb fingers. Stay Safe !
9.6 Saif Malik to Murali Obili, full ball on leg stump and Obili heaves it to deep square leg for a four! But it doesn't matter as Tallinn Stallions thrash Tallinn United by 50 runs!
9.5 Saif Malik to Murali Obili, a faster one outside off and Obili is beaten on the cut
9.4 Saif Malik to Murali Obili, Malik hits the blockhole and Obili can't do anything about it. Dot ball!
9.3 Saif Malik to Murali Obili, full ball on to the stumps, Obili smacks it to the off-side and gets two more!
9.2 Saif Malik to Murali Obili, Obili comes down the track and slaps a length ball to the cover region and gets two via an overthrow!
9.2 Saif Malik to Mayur Borgoankar, Mayur looks to pull a full-toss over the boundary but misses out. Just a single but it is called a NO-BALL!
9.1 Saif Malik to Taimoor Khan, Khan plays it uppishly towards long-on where Masud takes a good running catch. Another one down for Tallinn United! Everything this man touches is turning to gold today. A quick fire 80 with the bat, two catches in the field and now he gets a wicket ! Fantastic stuff from the skipper.
9.1 Saif Malik to Taimoor Khan, wide ball down leg!
Quiet penultimate over comes to an end as TU loses Nand Lal's wicket. 66/6 at the end of ninth over and TU need 62 off the final over.
8.6 Bilal Masud to Nand Lal, BOWLED! Nand Lal's struggle comes to an end as he misses a straight ball, which goes on to hit the stumps!
8.5 Bilal Masud to Taimoor Khan, Taimoor plays a length ball towards the leg side and scampers across for a single
8.4 Bilal Masud to Taimoor Khan, full ball outside off and Taimoor cannot get it away. Dot ball!
8.3 Bilal Masud to Nand Lal, short ball from Masud and Lal pulls it away for a single
8.2 Bilal Masud to Nand Lal, low full-toss on leg stump, Nand Lal gets a leading edge towards deep midwicket where the fielder cannot hold on to a low catch! That is a second sitter TS have dropped but they are relaxed in their approach here as they sense an easy win.
8.1 Bilal Masud to Taimoor Khan, full ball outside off, Taimoor plays it to deep midwicket for a single
7.6 Adeel Sabir to Nand Lal, Lal is beaten once again as the over comes to an end!
7.5 Adeel Sabir to Nand Lal, dot ball! Slowly losing the game here are the Tallinn United.
7.4 Adeel Sabir to Taimoor Khan, single taken!
7.3 Adeel Sabir to Nand Lal, length ball outside off, Lal slaps it to the man at long-off for a single
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