Tembo Stars 103/7 (20 ov)
Twiga Titans 87/10 (18.1 ov)
Tembo Stars won by 16 runs.
18.6 Pat Cummins to Virat Kohli, length ball outside off and the batsman smashes that through covers for a boundary!
18.5 Pat Cummins to Virat Kohli, single taken towards deep mid-wicket
18.4 Pat Cummins to Virat Kohli, full ball outside off cut to deep point for a couple of runs. 
18.3 Pat Cummins to Virat Kohli, length ball outside off patted down to third man for a single.
18.2 Pat Cummins to Virat Kohli, SIX! Full ball outside off and the batsman smacks that for a maximum over deep extra cover!
That's it from our end for this match. Don't miss out to watch the next T20 of the Tanzania APL. This is Pradeep Somashekar, along with my colleague, Lavil Saldanha signing off. Stay Safe and Take Care!.
Tembo Stars beat Twiga Titans by 16 runs!

What a thrilling end to this encounter, it was a sea-saw battle through out the game and in the end Mpeka 7/4 turned out to be the hero they needed for Tembo Stars as he picks up 4 for the match conceding just 7 runs! As far as Twiga Titans are concerned, well, they had a very bad start to the innings, no one looked set and they got off to a wrong foot to begin with, late order came to the rescue as Mapunda 17(24), Harsheed 12(11) and Hashim 13(13) scored crucial runs to keep them in the game, but once they all perished, it was Tambwe Rashidi 11(10) who took the attack on the scored crucial runs for his tea and looked like he would take them home! But Mpeka was brilliant to finish things off as he castled Festo of that first delivery of the 18th over to seal the game for them!

Earlier in the innings Vipin Abraham 11/3 was the chief architect of bending the Twiga Titans back as he demolished half the side in the first half of the innings where he was looking in ominous form, he picks up 3 quick wickets to derail the chase and he was unplayable as well! Excellent bowling effort in the end from Tembo Stars as they win this match convincingly!
18.1 A Mpeka to L Festo, Mpeka finishes things off, brilliant yorker from him, he castles Festo's stumps, it's all over for them! What a game we've had! Twiga Titans were in close margin to pull this off, but Mpeka had other plans, he says "enough is enough" and finishes things off by disturbing the TIMBER!
TWT are 87/9 after 18 overs! Can Rashidi be the hero?
17.6 A Kakonzi to T Rashidi, Fires it again on the off stump and Rashidi is beaten, good finish to the over!
17.5 A Kakonzi to T Rashidi, Rashidi misses it completely this time, no run!
17.4 A Kakonzi to T Rashidi, Slower one this time and he defends it!
17.4 A Kakonzi to T Rashidi, Fires it on the wide of off stump and umpire calls it a WIDE!
17.3 A Kakonzi to T Rashidi, FOUR! Rashidi is smashing things all over the park, he's looking dangerous! Hit's that towards deep square leg for a boundary! He's turning it on!
17.2 A Kakonzi to T Rashidi, Shorter delivery this time and he fires it towards long off and they pick up a couple!
17.1 A Kakonzi to T Rashidi, Full length delivery and defended back to the bowler!
Twiga Titans are on 80 for 9 after 17 overs with victory in sight for Tembo Stars
16.6 D Parmar to T Rashidi, Rashidi gets another full toss and he smacks that over deep mid wicket again and lucky for the bowler as it goes straight to the fielder!
16.5 D Parmar to T Rashidi, FOUR! Rashidi this time smacks a full length delivery this time, exactly what was required, he hits that towards deep mid wicket boundary!!
16.4 D Parmar to T Rashidi, Rashidi looks in no rush as he defends that flighted delivery with ease!
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