151/4 (10)
122/6 (10)
CRS won by 29 runs.
Player of the match: Nasir Ramzan
Cricket Stars - 151/4 in 10 overs (Nasir Ramzan 51 off 24 balls, Muhammad Kashif 1/14 in 2 overs) beat Trentino Aquila - 122/6 in 10 overs (Awais Ashiq 29 off 16 balls, Sukhraj Singh 3/15 in 2 overs) by 29 runs and progress to the FInal, while Trentino Aquila go through to Qualifier 2 to play against Bologna. 

This innings had a lot of action, like the first one, and in the end, even after the batting effort from Trentino Aquila, which did threaten to go over the line, Cricket Stars, by virtue of their humungous runs on the board, have gone through to the final. 

Some stunning catches and good pieces of fielding from Cricket Stars stalled progress quite a few times for Trentino Aquila and the efforts in the field were well and truly worthy of a qualifier. One can say that fielding was the difference between the sides, but the last over of the previous innings, that went for 30, can be the determiner as far as the outcome of this match is concerned.

That will be all from Oval Rastignano for now, do give the pair of Pradeep and Bidipto, a leave, as we bid you good bye! But, keep following Sportskeeda for more cricketing action! 
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Lovepreet Singh
9.6 Lovepreet Singh to Atif Raza, FOUR MORE! It doesn't matter, Cricket Stars make it into the finals and Trentino Aquila have another chance against Bologna to get it right and make it into the finals. Length delivery down the leg-side, Raza on the backfoot smashes it to fine-leg for a boundary.
9.5 Lovepreet Singh to Atif Raza, FOUR! Another long-hop on the wide of off-stump, Raza reaches and thumps it to deep extra-cover and picks up another boundary.
9.4 Lovepreet Singh to Atif Raza, drops it short, angling across right-hander, Raza goes reaching for it to cut and misses.
Free-hit coming up! 
9.4 Lovepreet Singh to Atif Raza, NO-BALL! Called a no-ball, the ball bounces twice before going to the keeper, Raza let's it go.
9.3 Lovepreet Singh to Atif Raza, SIX! BOOM! Full toss this time, Raza clears his front foot and POWERS it over deep square-leg fence for a huge maximum.
9.2 Lovepreet Singh to Atif Raza, good length on the middle and off, Raza waits and sweeps but finds the square-leg fielder.
9.1 Lovepreet Singh to Atif Raza, SIX! Half-tracker to begin with, loops the short delivery and Raza waits for it on the backfoot and SMOKES it over deep mid-wicket fence for a maximum.
Lovepreet Singh, right-arm medium, is into the attack.

Trentino Aquila do reach 100 but they do not look like doing a miracle and winning this now, with one over to go! 
101 /6 score
cricket bat icon Atif Saleem Raza
7 (6)
cricket bat icon Zaheer Ahmed *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Rajmani Singh
1 /16
8.6 Rajmani Sandhu to Zaheer Ahmed, length delivery on the fourth stump, Zaheer has a big heave and misses, through to the keeper.
Zaheer Ahmed, RHB, is at the crease. 
8.5 Rajmani Sandhu to Kamran Hussain, OUT! UP IN THE AIR AND TAKEN! Keeper and the fielder almost making a mess, the collided but the fielder clings on it. Change of pace doing the trick, short on the off-stump, Kamran went to pull, he top edge's it around short fine-leg and Kamran has to go.

Kamran Hussain c Babar Hussain b Rajmani Sandhu 13 (11) (1x6)
8.4 Rajmani Sandhu to Atif Raza, full delivery on the off-stump, Raza on the backfoot drills it down to long-off for a single.
8.3 Rajmani Sandhu to Kamran Hussain, change of pace, full on the outside off, Kamran lofts it over the extra-cover region and picks up one more.
8.2 Rajmani Sandhu to Atif Raza, low full toss on the outside off, Raza thumps it straight back past the bowler and picks up a single.
8.1 Rajmani Sandhu to Kamran Hussain, length delivery on the wide of off-stump, Kamran thrashes it but finds the extra-cover fielder for a single.
Rajmani Sandhu [1.0-0-12-0] is back into the attack.

Trentino Aquila are trying their best but it seems as though Cricket Stars have already wrapped up the game. There are a couple of overs to go, and if something goes horribly wrong for the Stars, Trentino may still be in it! So they have to keep believing, the batting side!