TSV Cricket Pfungstadt won by 21 runs.
That brings an end to our coverage of this exciting ECS contest. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live commentaries as well as the latest news. This is me, Avik Bose and my colleague,Sameer Deodhar, signing off.
Electing to bat first after winning the toss, TCP went off to a decent start and managed 39/1 from the 3 powerplay overs. Opener Javed scored a quick 21 but the star of the innings was skipper Nasar. Nasar slaughtered the bowling attack all over the park and ensured that the run-feast was well on course before getting dismissed on 45 off just 22 balls. Akmal carried on the baton producing an unbeaten 29 off just 16 balls, while Atif chipped in with a useful cameo of 15 from 5 balls right at the depth. For TUH, Yasir Mehmood, Farooq and Alaam Noor got 1 wicket each but could not prevent the run flow. TCP managed a mammoth total of 136/4 and were well on the driving seat.

Chasing a big total, TUH lost opener Shahid Ahmed in the very first over but Bashir and Inaam Ullah steadied the ship. Inaam Ullah got out on 18 but Bashir continued to hit big. He was smoking it all around the park while Qamar also joined the party. They were looking well on course to chase the total down with 86 needed from 36 balls. Bashir got dismissed after a gallant 41 off 16 balls and soon Qamar followed him and eventually evaporated the hopes of a successful chase. From the bowling department, Pasha was the most successful bowler, taking 3 wickets and Tousif Ahmed also chipped in with a figure of 25/2. It was just a bit too much for TUH to chase down and eventually fell short by some margin. 
TUH finished on 115/8 from their 10 overs.

TCP thus win by 21 runs and record their first victory of the tournament after a dominating performance.

End of the innings.
TUH 115/8 from 10 overs.
TCP win the match by 21 runs
9.6 Zeeshan Ali to Salarsie Habibullah, OUT! Dances down the track and lobs the ball to covers. The fielder finally holds on to the ball after three attempts!
9.5 Zeeshan Ali to Umer Farooq, back of a length delivery on the body punched to covers for just a single
9.4 Zeeshan Ali to Umer Farooq, misses the pull on a shortish delivery over the stumps
9.3 Zeeshan Ali to Salarsie Habibullah, misses a wild slog outside off and steals a bye as the keeper fails to collect it cleanly
9.2 Zeeshan Ali to Umer Farooq, length ball punched to point for another single
9.1 Zeeshan Ali to Salarsie Habibullah, full delivery on the pads pushed to long-on for a single
End of the penultimate over
TUH 111/6
2 new batsmen on the crease.Zeeshan Ali to BOWL the last over.
26 runs needed from 6 balls. It going down to the wire!
8.6 Zeeshan Nasar to Yasir Mehmood, OUT! An excellent yorker on leg stump by the TCP skipper gets Mehmood on his final delivery. It's all going in the wrong direction for the batting team.
8.5 Zeeshan Nasar to Salarsie Habibullah, full delivery on leg stump drilled to deep mid-wicket for just a single
8.4 Zeeshan Nasar to Salarsie Habibullah, makes room and misses a wild slog on the length ball just outside off-stump
8.3 Zeeshan Nasar to Salarsie Habibullah, full delivery just outside off drilled to long-off and the misfield allows the second run for TUH!
8.2 Zeeshan Nasar to Yasir Mehmood, misses the full delivery on his pads and scampers for a leg bye as the ball rolls over towards point
8.1 Zeeshan Nasar to Yasir Mehmood, SIX! Shortish delivery on the body smoked flat over deep mid-wicket for a maximum!
At the end of the 8th over
TUH 101/6
Extras given : 2
36 runs needed from 12 balls.
7.6 Tousif Ahmed to Zohaib Qamar, OUT! Gets an outside edge on the full delivery on fourth stump line to the keeper and he makes no mistake! An excellent cameo from Qamar comes to an end. The danger man Qamar departs after a polished 27!
7.5 Tousif Ahmed to Zohaib Qamar, misses the length ball outside off stump. This is a good recovery from Ahmed!
7.4 Tousif Ahmed to Zohaib Qamar, gets beaten by the yorker past the leg stump and the keeper makes an excellent stop to his left
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