Twiga Titans 140/7 (20 ov)
Chui Challengers 125/8 (20 ov)
Twiga Titans won by 15 runs.
Twiga Titans came out to bat first and that was an even contest with the bat and the ball with both teams looking good at different parts of the game. 

The case saw CC lose a couple of quick wickets but managed to rotate strike and catch up with the target but in the end fell short of 13 runs. Nanda Kishen hanged on for a while and scored a 41 of 38 balls but that wasn't enough to secure them a victory. 

That is it from the game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is me Azhar along with my colleague Vinay Chhabria  signing off!
19.6 Zahid Abbas to Khalil, finally he connects the big shot and gets rewarded with 4 runs!
19.5 Zahid Abbas to Kartik Syal, the new batsman Syal has no other option but to go big, he could not time it to perfection and gets one run. 
19.4 Zahid Abbas to Khalil, he tries a biggie again, fails to time it well, has to satisfy with a single. 
19.3 Zahid Abbas to Khalil, OUT, was a good looking shot from Khalil, the fielder did not allow it to clear the boundary, Khalil wanted to retain the strike and tried for a two, Kibwana gets run out while running the second run!
19.2 Zahid Abbas to Kibwana Salumu, one run, brings Khalil back on strike. 
19.1 Zahid Abbas to Kibwana Salumu, length delivery outside off, beats the batsman!
Chui Challengers need 24 runs to win the match from the final 6! Zahid Abbas to bowl the last over 
18.6 H Chohan to Khalil, full delivery, smashed down the ground, collected by the fielder at long-on, two runs for Khalil!
18.5 H Chohan to Kibwana Salumu, slower delivery again, Salumu comes down the track and drives it to extra cover for one run. 
18.4 H Chohan to Khalil, length ball, pulled it to mid wicket for a single. 
Chui Challengers need 28 runs in 9 remaining ball. With two news batters at the crease the match looks over. Difficult to chase it down from here
18.3 H Chohan to Khalil, slower yorker outside off stump, beats the batsman!
18.2 H Chohan to Kibwana Salumu, full delivery, he charges again, gets the inside edge of the bat, one run. 
18.1 H Chohan to Kibwana Salumu, full delivery outside off stump, he charges and smashes it to long-on, gets only two runs. 
17.6 Zahid Abbas to Khalil, full delivery, punched it to long-on, the fielder saves two runs for his team with that dive!
17.5 Zahid Abbas to Kibwana Salumu, full delivery outside off, tapped it to covers for a single. 
17.4 Zahid Abbas to Kibwana Salumu, length delivery down the leg, hits him on the pads and the batsmen steal two runs!
17.3 Zahid Abbas to Nandakishen, OUT, length delivery stays low and rattles his stumps!
17.2 Zahid Abbas to Khalil, length delivery, tries a big shot, fails to connect well, only gets one run. 
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