Falco 101/7 (10 ov)
United CC Girona 80/9 (10 ov)
Falco Zalmi CC won by 21 runs.
That brings an end to our coverage of this exciting ECS contest. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live commentaries as well as the latest news. This is me, Avik Bose and my colleague, Lavil Saldanha, signing off.  
Winning the toss and electing to bat first, FZL started decently scoring 35/1 from the first 3 overs. They got reduced to 41/3 in the next over and from then on wickets fell at regular intervals. The batsmen found it difficult to settle in and lost their way in the middle. Opener Adeel Sarwar scored a useful 22 from 12 balls while Rehman Ullah contributed 10 from 10 balls. Skipper Kamran Raja led the charge remaining unbeaten on 37 from 18 balls and ensuring that his team put up a decent total on the board. From the bowling department, Muhammad Kamran and Safdar Khan took 2 wickets each while Faisal Hussain, Jafri, and Safdar Khan all chipped in with 1 wicket each. FZL stuck in there and managed 101/7 from their 10 overs.
Chasing 102 in a semifinal is always tricky and so it turned out to be. UCC batters reached 32/1 after a cautious start from the first 4 overs and with wickets in hand looked in line to chase down the target. But it's easier said than done, FZL bowlers made their presence felt and put serious dents to the run-flow by picking up wickets at regular intervals and made the target on the board look much more distant than it really was. Muhammad Ehsan scored 21 from 15 balls while Shakoor contributed a run-a-ball 10. Sheroz Ahmed looked in touch and with a motive to see his team home but was soon sent back home after scoring a vibrant 12 from just 6 balls. From the bowling department, Yasir Razzak and skipper Kamran Raja took 4 wickets each breaking the backbone of the UCC innings.UCC fell way short and finished on 80/9 from their 10 overs. FZL skipper led his team to an emphatic victory by not only adding runs from his bat but also chipping in with an exceptional bowling performance.

Falco CC thus win by 21 runs and advance into the finals of ECS Barcelona T10 2020.
End of the innings
UCC 80/9 from 10 overs

Falco CC win the match by 21 runs and qualify for the final!
9.6 S. Ahmed to S. Hussain, lose delivery Ahmed there but he wont mind that as they pair can only take a single. And with that UCCG finish on 80/9 with Falco CC winning the match by 21 runs and advancing into the finals of ECS Barcelona T10 2020
9.5 S. Ahmed to S.Khan, length ball hit down the ground for a single.
9.4 S. Ahmed to S. Hussain, length ball tapped back to the bowler, no run
9.3 S. Ahmed to S.Khan, length ball on the up hit on the off side for a single
9.2 S. Ahmed to S.Khan, length ball tapped back to the bowler. No run
9.1 S. Ahmed to S.Khan, length ball on the up, hit to the long off fielders for a quick brace
9.1 S. Ahmed to S.Khan, NO BALL! Oversteps on that occasion and the umpire raises his arm and signals it a free hit
End of the penultimate over
UCC 74/9
Extras Given : 2
28 runs needed from 6 balls
8.6 Kamran Raja to S.Khan, CAUGHT!! Got the ball to rise on that occasion and Khan gets a feather edge on the way of the ball to the keeper. 2 in 2 for him in the over and its a magnificent end to the 9th over. 3 wickets from the over and the skipper has just taken his team home!
8.5 Kamran Raja to Abid Mahmood, BOWLED HIM!! Nailed the pitching up delivery there and it goes on to dislodge the top peg of the off stump. Another nail in the coffin for UCCG. Mahmood bites the dust and departs for a duck! 8th one back in the hut!
8.4 Kamran Raja to Abid Mahmood, length ball on the up, huge bat swing from Mahmood but he misses it
8.3 Kamran Raja to S. Hussain, length ball hit to long off fielder for a single
8.2 Kamran Raja to S. Hussain, looked to play a big heave on the length ball but he misses and it goes to the keeper
8.1 Kamran Raja to Sheroz Ahmed, CAUGHT!! Looked the play they ball in the slot for him, Ahmed mistimes it and it goes all they way down the fielder's throat for an easy catch
At the end of the 8th over
UCC 73/6
29 runs needed from 12 balls
7.6 Atif Muhammad to S. Hussain, length ball outside off, Hussain has a play and a miss. No run there
7.5 Atif Muhammad to Sheroz Ahmed, length ball hit down the ground for a single
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