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Vancouver Vibes 153/8 (20 ov)
BC Champions 154/3 (17.2 ov)
BC Champions won by 7 wickets
After defeating Vancouver Vibes, BC Champions have entered the final of the BC Cricket Championship. They will face the winners of the second semifinal which will start at 02:00 a.m. IST. Our team will continue to bring live action from that game. 

This is Dwijesh and Bala signing off. Do continue with Sportskeeda for the second semi-final, and the final tomorrow. Goodnight. 
That was a clinical run chase by BC Champions. They did not allow the required run rate to climb up at any stage of the match. And they reached the target of 154 with 16 balls to spare and 7 wickets in hand. Sood laid a good platform and anchored the innings. He got run-out after scoring a half-century. Captain Vinod Minas also played a good hand of 29 runs in 22 balls. But it was the cameo of Harjinder Singh in the end that provided a comfortable victory to the BC Champions. He scored 34 runs in just 14 balls with the aid of 3 sixes and 2 fours.

Gurvinder Singh bowled well, giving away just 26 runs and picking up a wicket. But the real pick of the bowlers was S Anwar. His figures would read 3.2 overs 1 for 17, but the impact that he had on the batsman was superlative. He bowled with pace, movement and bounce. He hit the batsmen couple of times on the head and the body. Most of them struggled against Anwar. He was definitely a star bowler of the tournament.
17.2 Anwar to Brar, FOUR! Brar hits the winning runs! Length ball on middle and leg and Brar gets an inside edge past the fine-leg fielder and the ball races away to the boundary. With that BC Champions become the first team to reach the final of the BC Cricket Championship 2020!
17.1 Anwar to Brar, well-directed short ball from Anwar and Brar sits under it as the ball sails through to the keeper. Anwar has been a handful for the batsmen today.
The victory is just a hit away now for BC. 4 runs required with 18 balls remaining.
BC 150/3 after 17 overs
16.6 Sandhu to Brar, full ball on the stumps, Brar drives it down the ground and takes the single on offer! The field is still well spread out, and it is a comfortable single.
16.5 Sandhu to Harjinder, length ball angled into the batsman, Harjinder wears it on the pads and completes a leg-bye!
16.4 Sandhu to Harjinder, short ball outside off, Harjinder is taken aback by the length and misses! That was pitched on that awkward length, making the batsman think whether to go front or back.
16.3 Sandhu to Harjinder, slightly fuller but Harjinder mistimes a pull shot towards square leg, allowing him to come around for a double!
16.2 Sandhu to Harjinder, FOUR! Harjinder is in a hurry as he pulls another shot ball towards midwicket for a boundary! Harjinder is in a hurry to wrap it up. It was sitting up to be hit and he makes no mistakes. 8 runs more required.
16.1 Sandhu to Harjinder, SIX! Short ball angled into the batsman and Harjinder swivels and deposits it over the square leg boundary for a maximum! Big shot! That changes the complete balance of the game. Just 12 required now.
15.6 Anwar to Brar, FOUR! Cheeky shot from Brar, who makes full use of Anwar's pace and guides a full ball down to the vacant third-man region for a boundary! That was a crucial ball, and BC is right on top.
15.6 Anwar to Brar, Anwar gets his line wrong as he sprays one down leg side! Not what he needs at the moment!
15.5 Anwar to Harjinder, length ball on off-stump, Harjinder guides it late towards backward point for a single. This is turning out to be an excellent over from Anwar.
15.4 Anwar to Harjinder, BRILLIANT BOWLING THIS FROM ANWAR! Anwar bowls this one on a length and into the batsman, who takes it on the body!
15.3 Anwar to Brar, Brar looks to dab a length ball towards the off-side but misses. The non-striker calls for the bye and completes it easily!
15.2 Anwar to Sood, RUN-OUT! full ball on the off-stump, Sood drives it to the man at mid-off and calls for the single but the non-striker doesn't respond! The return is spot-on as the keeper runs Sood short of his ground. This brings an end to a wonderful knock from Sood! Big wicket for VV at this point of time. They couldn't have asked for anything better and they have been gifted a wicket.
15.1 Anwar to Sood, full and fast outside off stump, Sood goes for a wild hoick and is beaten all ends up! He did not keep his shape at all on that occasion.
BIG over for BC. 17 runs came off it. The target is down to just 25 runs from the remaining 5 overs. Vancouver has to pick a couple of wickets straightaway. 
BC 129/2 after 15 overs.
14.6 Purgat to Harjinder, EDGED AND FOUR! Everything going BC Champions' way as Harjinder gets a thick top-edge over the keeper's head. Nothing the fine-leg fielder can do as the ball races away for another boundary!
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