98/7 (10)
99/2 (9.1)
CRS won by 8 wickets
The runs proving to be short then as the Cricket Stars got over the line pretty comfortably in the end. Eight wickets in hand and this was a chase well constructed as well. Babar was brilliant and him being dropped eventually cost Venezia the match. The Stars got in decent partnerships and never allowed Venezia to put them under pressure in the chase. 

Two batters getting to the 40's and these are good signs for them as a batting unit. A good all-round game for them this as they bowled and batted pretty well to win this contest. Venezia could not pick up enough wickets and were unfortunate to have conceded a few boundaries that shouldn't have been runs. Something that was not in their control though and they will be disappointed with the end. 

They will have to regroup and come back with a better performance. Probably a few runs short and they will have to work on the bowling and fielding as well. Comprehensive for Cricket Stars and they will take confidence from this encounter going forward in the tournament. 

That is all we have from this contest as Pragadheesh and myself (Rishab) take your leave for the moment. Half-way through and we have more action lined up so do stay tuned to catch it all for some exciting T10 cricket!
That is that then. Cricket Stars complete a comfortable win as they get over the line with five deliveries and eight wickets to spare. Well done with both the bat and the ball and Venezia have been unfortunate with the ball to say the least!
9.1 Hosan Ahmmed to Abdul Rehman, tossed up delivery in the good length region, Abdul comes down the track and drives this one towards long-off for a single
Hosan Ahmmed comes into the attack
Well, the scores are tied and we will go into the final over, just for the formalities. Strange from Ramzan to not finish this off. The Stars are on the verge of a comprehensive win!
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Rajib Miah
8.6 Rajib Miah to Nasir Ramzan, fuller delivery bowled very quicker, defended back watchfully
8.5 Rajib Miah to Nasir Ramzan, quicker delivery at the stumps, driven back to the bowler
8.4 Rajib Miah to Abdul Rehman, pitched up delivery outside off, squeezed down to the sweeper cover for a single
8.3 Rajib Miah to Abdul Rehman, fuller delivery bowled quicker at the stumps, tucked down to square leg
That should be the game for the Stars. Just a hit away now! 
8.2 Rajib Miah to Abdul Rehman, JUST OVER THE FIELDER AND IT'S A SIX. Quicker delivery around off, Abdul launches this one towards long-off, the fielder got his right hand to this but couldn't grab it
8.1 Rajib Miah to Abdul Rehman, short of a good length delivery outside off, punched uppishly towards the sweeper cover. The fielder fumbles and they take a brace
Rajib Miah comes back into the attack
A good effort from Alamin Miah as he gets the big fish but the Stars are still in control of this game at the moment. A decent over but Venezia will need something magical if they have to restrict their opponents from this stage. 10 more off 12 needed!
89 /3 score
cricket bat icon Abdul Rehman *
30 (19)
cricket bat icon Nasir Ramzan
5 (4)
cricket ball icon Miah Alamin
1 /13
7.6 Alamin Miah to Abdul Rehman, fuller delivery at the stumps, Abdul goes down one knee and hits this one uppishly straight over the bowlers' head and takes a single
7.5 Alamin Miah to Nasir Ramzan, CLOSE! Quicker delivery around off, Nasir tries to defend but gets an inside edge and the ball drops down to fine leg. Single taken
7.4 Alamin Miah to Nasir Ramzan, SHOT! Quicker delivery outside off, Nasir opens the bat face and the ball goes past backward point for a boundary