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Padova 81/10 (9 ov)
Venezia 85/0 (6.1 ov)
Venezia won by 10 wickets
Player of the match: Nazmul Haque-I
That's it from this game. Switch tabs for the upcoming match that is Royal Cricket Padova vs Trentino Aquila. RCP have won the toss and would be fielding first. Thank you for joining us and stay tuned for further matches. This was Vasudev and Karthik Raj. Signing off!
Nazmul Haque and Mehedi Nitol were the stars of this game. Out of the world performance by both of them. One pulled the game back from Padova through his excellent bowling and the other snatched the game away with his blazing knock. Even if Padova had scored 100+, it would not have been sufficient looking at Nazmul's batting.
A rather poor show by Padova in the bowling department. They had batted poorly but managed to score 81 runs, which was a below par total as well. They started well in the first over while defending. Skipper Nuwan Sameera bowled a maiden early on. But it didn't matter as then started the carnage by Nazmul Haque. Anton Costa gave away just 1 run in his over but that was because Hosan Ahmed was deliberately no hitting winning runs and Nazmul was avoiding singles. Not a single bowler bowled with an economy of less than 10. Poor stuff by them. They kept dishing half-volleys and half-hearted short balls.The luck wasn't with them either as some mishits also went for a boundary.
Hosan Ahmed played out a whole over just so Nazmul could hit the winning runs? Haha that's the fun. Anton Costa gave away just one run in his over, credit to Hosan Ahmed. But the biggest credit goes to Nazmul Haque, the skipper. He made this chase look so easy. Got going from the very first ball he faced, hit a six on it and didn't look back. All his shots were clean and ensured a boundary. He reached his half century in just 14 balls. Absolute carnage by him today. Hosan Ahmed played out 2 maidens. The second one not being an exact maiden but 5 dots in the 6th over. He had joined the party in the middle overs of the chase, hit 2 sixes and a boundary. Nazmul hit 3 boundaries 7 huge sixes!! Padova seemed clueless against him. Nazmul scored 61 runs off just 17 balls, a strike rate of sky high 358.8. 
6.1 Damith Kosala to Nazmul Haque, short on the leg-side, Nazmul pulls it behind short fine-leg for a boundary.
Over: 6 | Summary: 1 0 0 0 0 0 Bowler: Anton Costa Score: 81/0
5.6 Anton Costa to Hosan Ahmed, short and wide, Hosan plays it to short third-man off the bottom-edge. Maiden for the second time in this innings.
5.5 Anton Costa to Hosan Ahmed, slightly short on the stumps, Hosan looks to pull and misses it. Huge LBW appeal but the umpire doesn't agree as it seems like Hosan edged it.
5.4 Anton Costa to Hosan Ahmed, full and wide, Hosan drives it to short extra-cover. No run.
5.3 Anton Costa to Hosan Ahmed, length delivery outside-off, Hosan looks to push and misses it
5.2 Anton Costa to Hosan Ahmed, full outside-off, Hosan pokes and misses. The keeper whipped off the bails but the umpire turns down the stumping appeal.
5.1 Anton Costa to Nazmul Haque, full on the stumps, Nazmul swipes it to short fine-leg for a single. Just one run needed for Venezia.
Over: 5 | Summary: 6 4 1w 4 2 6 1 Bowler: Nissanka Athurugiriyage Score: 80/0
4.6 Nissanka Kuda to Nazmul Haque, full outside-off, Nazmul goes inside-out wide of long-off for two runs. Some good footwork from the long-off fielder to prevent the boundary.
4.5 Nissanka Kuda to Nazmul Haque, full outside-off, Nazmul powers it straight down the ground and the ball goes over the ropes despite a valiant dive from the long-off fielder. This strike brings up his half-century.
4.4 Nissanka Kuda to Nazmul Haque, full outside-off, Nazmul drives it between short third-man and backward point for two runs.
4.3 Nissanka Kuda to Nazmul Haque, short and wide, Nazmul cuts it behind point for a boundary.
4.3 Nissanka Kuda to Nazmul Haque, short and wide but it goes outside the tramline. Wide called.
4.2 Nissanka Kuda to Nazmul Haque, full and straight, Nazmul powers it straight down the ground for a boundary.
Another expensive over. Padova's bowlers seem to have no answer to Venezia openers. Venezia have already scored 56 runs and only 4 overs have ended. They are hitting sixes like EA cricket. Nazmul was the one who started the carnage and Hosan has also joined now.
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