106/7 (10)
92/4 (10)
VVV won by 14 runs.
Player of the match: Khalid Ahmadi
Veni Vedi Vici beat Sparta Cricket 1888 by 14 runs!

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The required run-rate creeping up and in the death overs, Iqbal finally was dismissed as he was swinging for the fences. With that, the chances of Sparta winnings this contest diminished and Veni Vedi Vici went on to pull off a double on Sparta.
Iqbal was the lone man standing for Sparta as he was the only one able to find the boundaries and keep the chances of Sparta winning this contest alive. Danish at the other end was just working the ball around and handing the strike to Iqbal.
The scoring rate picked up drastically for Sparta. Looking at this, VVV skipper brought on his strike bowler Khalid who was able to break the partnership and get the big wicket of Tarr who was just starting to cut loose. Sparta were pushed on the backfoot once again!
Tim batting alongside Tarr was eating up a lot of deliveries as he was trying to over-hit the deliveries he was facing. In the end, he could not add-on and lost his wicket for just 4. Iqbal came out to bat next and he alongside Tarr did start to find the boundaries.
Coming into chase 107 runs, Sparta needed their skipper Tarr to bat through the innings. Sparta were surely missing out on their big guns today as their key players could not make it for the game due to national duties.
Well, Khalid is definitely the man of the match in this contest. He managed to play a brilliant cameo in the first innings scoring 39 off just 13. For Sparta 28 runs conceded in the penultimate over came back to haunt them in this chase. Nonetheless, it was some fantastic bit of bowling by VVV bowlers as they were on song.
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Ashir Abid
9.6 Ashir Abid to Mamoon Latif, full delivery, Latif plays it to mid-wicket where the fielder puts in a great effort to save the boundary. Oh! The batsmen stop running while the bowler collects the throw and whips off the bails! Veni Vedi Vici seal a 14-run victory!
9.5 Ashir Abid to Mamoon Latif, full outside-off, Latif lofts it over long-off for a maximum. SIX!!
9.4 Ashir Abid to Mamoon Latif, full and slow, Latif swings and misses it
9.3 Ashir Abid to Mamoon Latif, full delivery, Latif swings and inside-edges it to the keeper. No run
9.2 Ashir Abid to Mamoon Latif, full outside-off, Latif drives it to long-on and goes for a double. The throw comes to the bowler who fumbles and misses an easy run-out. 21 runs are needed in 4 balls now!
9.1 Ashir Abid to Mamoon Latif, full delivery, Latif swings and gets a top-edge over short third-man for a boundary. FOUR!! Down to 23 runs needed in 5 balls!!
Ashir Abid comes on to bowl the final over!
Just 7 runs coming from that over. Sparta need 27 runs from the final over! A tight penultimate over, quite contrary to the first innings which has probably become the decider of this contest! Can Latif pull off a miracle here?
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Babarkhel Aziz Mohammad
8.6 Aziz Mohammad to Danish Umar, full outside-off, Danish plays it to the sweeper. No run
8.6 Aziz Mohammad to Danish Umar, full and wide, Danish backs away and leaves it. No-ball called!
8.5 Aziz Mohammad to Danish Umar, yorker on the leg-side, Danish misses the flick shot. The ball misses the leg-stump by a whisker and the keeper also fails to stop it. FOUR byes