101/7 (10)
107/1 (6.5)
KAM won by 9 wickets
Player of the match: Shaheryar Butt
Thank you all for joining the live coverage of Sportskeeda. It's been a pleasure covering these games and bringing forward all that uncovers in the ECS T10. This was me(Vasudev) signing off on behalf of me and my co-commentator Raghav. Toodles!!
That brings an end to ECS T10,Capelle leg! A tournament filled with too many entertaining and intense moments. Veni Vedi Vici were the most successful side of the tournament untill today. This was the day it mattered the most and they couldn't handle the pressure 
Usman Malik, Kampong's skipper will be awarded with the trophy along with his team. An extremelly happy face to look at, Usman Ali. A great leader who had the best seat today to watch Shaheryar Butt today! He's proud of his boys who outperformed Veni Vedi Vici and clentched a victory!

Veni Vidi Veci would be extremely unhappy and dissapointed with their performance. They were a top team and were excellent throughout this tournament. Fianl's pressure crept onto the bowlers. 101 was never easy to get but their bowling was really wayward and off today. Patient Charumbira gave 9 runs and apart from him, no one gave away runs at an economy rate lesser than 12.5. Poor effort by the bowling unit to be precise. 
There is nothing much to talk about the batting from Kampong. Just three batsmen came out to bat and the job was done by them. Ross Harmer, Usman Malik and Shaheryar Butt. They had clear intent from the first over. There wasn't any pressure to be seen on them. Tremendous job by this top 3.
IT IS DONE!! SV KAMPONG HAVE WON THIS FINAL AND ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!  A fantastic win this! What a game this has been! Truly bossed by Kampong and have won the final in a one sided match! Shaheryar Butt hit the winning six and it was a typical "Dhoni" style finish. He lifted his arms up, jumped on the spot and the entire team is elated and on their feet! No one talked about them winning this match prior to this match but they have pulled off a sensational victory. Veni Vedi Vici have faced their first loss of the tournament and what a day to face that loss. Shaheryar was just perfect in this innings. Played when it mattered the most. He dominated each and every bowler and from the ball he arrived. 66 runs at a strike rate of 287!!
6.5 A.Abid to S.Butt, SIX! GAME! SET! MATCH! Butt finsihes off in style, another short pitched delivery from Abid and Butt goes on his backfoot and hoiks it over the cow corner region for a maximum, as SV Kampong do the unthinkable and win the ECS T10 Capelle!
6.4 A.Abid to S.Butt, Length delivery on the off stump, pushed back to the bowler
6.3 A.Abid to S.Butt, SIX MORE! Short again from the bowler, this time on the leg side, Butt pulls it over the midwicket fielder for a maximum, Scores level!
6.2 A.Abid to S.Butt, SIX! Short pitched delivery outside off stump, Butt pulls and pulls it to perfection as the ball flies over the square leg fielder for a maximum
6.1 A.Abid to U.Malik, full delivery on the stumps, pushed on the leg side towards midwicket for a single
The equation is bettering for Kampong. 14 runs needed in 4 overs. Another handsome over for Kampong. Not too many and smoothly saw through it. They just need to hang in there, not try anything fancy, and run for the trophy.
Abid returns to finish his spell
88 /1 score
cricket bat icon Usman Malik
21 (13)
cricket bat icon Shaheryar Butt *
48 (19)
cricket ball icon Mohsin Abid Ghaznavi
0 /14
5.6 M.Ghaznavi to S.Butt, FOUR! Full delivery on the pads, flicked towards fine leg for a boundary
5.5 M.Ghaznavi to S.Butt, length delivery outside off stump, swinging away from the batsman pushed towards mid off for a single
5.4 M.Ghaznavi to S.Butt, length delivery on the stumps, blocked  by the batter
5.3 M.Ghaznavi to U.Malik, full delivery on the stumps, pushed towards mid off for a single
5.2 M.Ghaznavi to U.Malik, FOUR MORE! Carbon copy of the previous delivery, length ball on the off stump, Malik plays it late and guides it down the third man region for a boundary!