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VFB Fallersleben 74/8 (10 ov)
SC Europa Cricket 75/3 (7.3 ov)
SC Europa Cricket won by 7 wickets
Key/In-form Players to look out for
VFB Fallersleben
  • Saran Kannan
  • Satish Kumar Muthyala
  • SC Europa Cricket
  • Sahel Darwesh
  • Umar Farooq
  • Israfeel Zazai
  • Key Points
  • The match promises to be a grueling contest as two underdogs go against one another. SC Europa didn't have the dream start and they will be looking to make amends to their campaign and the same will be the thinking in VFB camp.
  • Expert Comment
    Abhinav Singh
    SEC will be playing the second game of the day. having lost the previous one, the team will be itching to get those crucial three points on the table. As for VFB, they will be looking to sprinter from the bottom of the pyramid after losing the one solitary match they have played.
    That's all my colleague, Vinay Chhabria, and I, Kartik Iyer, have for you from this match. Do join us for the next match between PSV Hann Munden and Vfb Fallersleben in less than an hour's time.
    Easy win for Sc Europa Cricket
    Chasing a below-par 75 runs for victory, SEC achieved their target with 15 balls to spare and 7 wickets in hand.
    Ashish Sharma was the star of the show with an unbeaten 27 to his name.
    The top-order batsmen got brisk starts but got dismissed playing ambitious shots.
    Ankit Tomar took a couple of wickets for VFB.
    7.3 K Deshpande to U Farooq, a mistimed shot, and the batsmen manage to cross over, a single to end the game. 
    7.2 K Deshpande to U Farooq, should have been an easy single, but Farooq denies. 
    7.1 K Deshpande to A Sharma, the bowler gave a lot of flight there, but the batsman defends it and takes a single. 
    SEC - 73/3 after 7 overs. Just 2 more runs required.
    6.6 J Siddaiaha to A Sharma, a full delivery, poorly timed shot, but Sharma gets one run. 
    6.5 J Siddaiaha to A Sharma, was way outside the off-stump. Still, the umpire says it's a fair delivery. 
    6.4 J Siddaiaha to A Sharma, the ball stays low, and the batsman fails to connect. 
    6.3 J Siddaiaha to A Sharma, the good length delivery hits him on the body, no runs. 
    6.2 J Siddaiaha to U Farooq, he plays a pull shot, could have been an easy couple, but the batsmen take just a single. 
    6.1 J Siddaiaha to U Farooq, what a shot down the ground, first boundary for Farooq! Just 4 more required.
    SEC - 67/3 after 6 overs. 8 more runs required from 24 deliveries. Can they finish it in this over?
    5.6 RR Reddy to A Sharma, a dot ball to end the sixth over of the innings. 
    5.6 RR Reddy to A Sharma, WIDE! Another wide delivery in the over. 
    5.5 RR Reddy to A Sharma, appeal for LBW, but the umpire says no. 
    5.4 RR Reddy to A Sharma, a yorker delivery, he defends it. 
    5.3 RR Reddy to A Sharma, SIX! What a pull shot from Ashish!
    5.3 RR Reddy to A Sharma, WIDE, too many wide deliveries in this innings!
    5.2 RR Reddy to U Farooq, the new batsman gets off the mark with a single. 
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