Vienna CC 84/8 (10 ov)
Cricketer CC 85/6 (9.1 ov)
Cricketer CC won by 4 wickets
Player of the match: Abdullah Akbarjan
Cricketer CC bow out of the tournament after causing an upset! What a cracker jack of a game we had today! Vienna CC were put into pat first and got off to a flying start. Akbarjan was in fine form and the only batter in their innings to get to 30 runs. Basheer Khan bagged back-to-back wickets and hampered the momentum of the Vienna innings, as a result of which they could only managed a measly 84. 

Cricketer CC got off to a decent start, but in typical fashion found them in a rut at 39/4. Akbarjan was the man who could do no wrong, as he bagged a hat-trick to run through Cricketer CC middle order. It seemed like Vienna were going to put in another clinic with the ball, to seal the two points, but Basheer Ahamadzari had other plans.

His unbeaten 26-ball 46 was the lone standing pillar of the run chase. Despite running out of partners constantly, he managed to hol dhis nerve and get his side over the line to ensure they end their campaign on a high! Cricketer CC miss out on the next phase of the tournament, but they will look to come back stronger next year!

That's it for now though! This is Pratyush Rohra signing off on behalf of my colleague, Soorya Sesha! Stay tuned as we have another match of the ECS Vienna, coming your way in a short time! Adios and stay safe!
Cricketer CC end their campaign with a thrilling victory! That's two wins for them today. They'll be wishing they could have shown this form a bit earlier in the tournament. Basheer Ahamadzari deserves all the praise! Cricketer CC beat Vienna CC by 4 wickets.
9.1 Himanshu Jha to Basheer Ahamadzari, THERE IT IS! Works a length delivery towards mid-wicket and charges across for the winning run! Take a bow, Basheer Ahamadzari! He has played a top-class innings under pressure to see his side home! Cricketer CC win by 4 wickets with 5 deliveries to spare!
9.1 Himanshu Jha to Basheer Ahamadzari, WIDE! OH DEAR! The scores are leveled courtesy a wide sprayed well outside the leg-stump. Just the single needed now!
Himanshu Jha is into the attack.
Mark Simpson-Parker has had a game to forget! Wasn't good with the bat, no gives 16 runs in the penultimate over to hand this game back to Cricketer CC.

Just 2 runs needed in the last over.
83 /6 score
cricket ball icon Mark Simpson Parker
8.6 Mark Simpson-Parker to Mohammad Waqar Zalmai, FOUR! THIS SHOULD BE THE GAME NOW! A half-volley at the stumps, gives the charge and heaves it over fine leg and places it right through the vacant spaces before penetrating the ropes! Just the brace needed off the final over now!
8.5 Mark Simpson-Parker to Basheer Ahamadzari, very full at the stumps, gives the charge and squirts it fine along the leg-side as he swings across the line
Oh what's happened here?! He's bowled off the free hit but that was a no ball for overstepping his line!

Cricketer CC need 6 runs in 7 balls.
8.5 Mark Simpson-Parker to Mohammad Waqar Zalmai, NO BALL! OVERSTEPS AGAIN! Another full toss at the stumps, plays all around it as he is castled; the ball rolls behind square on the leg-side before they cross over again! ANOTHER FREE HIT COMING UP!
Oh dear! That's the last thing Vienna CC need at the moment. Free hit coming up! Can Zalmai punish MSP?
8.5 Mark Simpson-Parker to Basheer Ahamadzari, NO BALL! Full toss on off, gives himself room as he steps out and swipes it high in front of square before the ball drops short of the fielder; the batters cross over!
8.4 Mark Simpson-Parker to Basheer Ahamadzari, very full outside off, drilled back to the bowler. PRICELESS DOT BALL!
8.3 Mark Simpson-Parker to Basheer Ahamadzari, full and inside the tramline, Basheer misreads the line and lets it through assuming it to be a wide
8.2 Mark Simpson-Parker to Basheer Ahamadzari, full and tailing in late on off, whipped off the bottom hand towards deep mid-wicket before the batters race back for the second run!
8.2 Mark Simpson-Parker to Mohammad Waqar Zalmai, WIDE! PRESSURE! Straying well outside leg stump, the keeper charges to his left and has a shy at the bowler's end as the batters cross over but the throw is awry!
8.1 Mark Simpson-Parker to Mohammad Waqar Zalmai, FOUR! JUST WIDE OF THE FIELDER! Angling into the slot, clears his front leg and swings it way over mid-wicket and just about evades the fielder running to his left as the ball crosses the ropes on the bounce! Fine start to the over!
Strong winds have picked up again and there's some debris flying around. Basheer will look to hit with the wind, and it could get difficult for the fielders as well.
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