Pakistan CC 77/4 (7 ov)
Vienna CC 75/4 (7 ov)
Pakistan CC won by 2 runs.
Player of the match: Naveed Sadiq Hassan
Pakistan CC win by 2 runs!

This brings us to the end of this game from the ECS T10 Vienna between Vienna CC and Pakistan CC. For all the latest scores and updates from the world of sports, Sportskeeda is your single destination. This is Abhinav Kumar and my colleague, Sooryanarayanan Sesha signing off for now. Thank you for joining us, goodbye and stay safe!
What a stunning game this has been, with Pakistan CC managing to win this game against Vienna CC by JUST 2 runs, with Vienna CC being restricted to 75/4.

If Vienna CC have to thank anyone for getting close to the target, it would be Abdullah Akbarjan, who top-scored with a barnstorming 49 runs from just 21 balls, but apart from him and Mark Simpson Parker, who scored a scratchy 13 runs from 12 balls, there wasn't much else from the other batsmen, who couldn't adequately contribute to the cause.

The Pakistan CC must be immensely grateful to Naveed Hassan, whose 2/18 in 2 overs, especially the critical wicket of Akbarjan in the last over swung the game in their favour, while Zia-ur-rahman Shinwari also got a wicket and ended with 1/15 in his 1 over. Aqib Iqbal was quite economical in his 0/15 from 2 overs, while Umair Tariq bowled a brilliant 1 over for 0/5, which made the equation tricky for Vienna CC in the last over, while Sikander Hayat got pummelled for 20 runs in his 1 over.

This was a nail-biting encounter between the two sides, which ultimately Pakistan CC have won by 2 runs.
Over: 7 | Summary: 1 1W W 0 1 6 Bowler: Naveed Sadiq Hassan Score: 75/4
6.6 Naveed Hassan to Quinton Norris, SIX! Ah a delivery too late for Vienna CC! Back of a length on middle and off, Norris gets down on one knee and slogs it handsomely over deep backward square leg but alas, it is too little, too late as Pakistan CC get through this thriller by a mere 2 runs! What a game we've witnessed!
6.5 Naveed Hassan to Ali Rahemi, full outside off, pushed towards backward point for a single. And barring a no ball or a wide, the game is done!
6.4 Naveed Hassan to Ali Rahemi, BEATEN! Slower delivery in the slot on fifth-stump, Rahemi swings across the line but is beaten for the lack of pace on it. PRICELESS DOT BALL!
MASSIVE moment in this game and what a time for Hassan to strike, with a stunning yorker to get rid of the dangerous Akbarjan and now Vienna CC are 68/4 and need another 10 runs from 3 balls now.

Ali Rahemi is the new batsman at the crease.
6.3 Naveed Hassan to Abdullah Akbarjan, OUT! BOWLED HIM! IS THIS THE GAME? Very full and near the boots on middle stump, Akbarjan steps out and swings over his favored mid-wicket region but is beaten instead as the ball crashes into his furniture! Pakistan CC will be very relieved to see the back of Akbarjan!
That's a sacrificial run-out for Vienna CC and Himanshu Jha has been run-out to ensure that the set Akbarjan gets back the strike and after 6.2 overs, Vienna CC are now 68/3. They need 10 runs from 4 balls.

Quinton Norris is the new batsman at the crease.
6.2 Naveed Hassan to Abdullah Akbarjan, RUN OUT! Jha sacrifices his wicket! Very full outside off, drilled through the covers for a single but Akbarjan had to get back on strike as he was the set batsman; Jha obliges and crosses over to sacrifice his wicket as he was halfway short of making his ground!
6.1 Naveed Hassan to Himanshu Jha, NEARLY A COLLISION! Slower delivery on a full length on middle, steps out and inside edges it onto his boots before reacting to his partner's call. He nearly rams into the bowler in the process but they to manage to complete the run!
A superb over from Tariq, with just 5 runs from it and after 6 overs, Vienna CC are 66/2 and need 12 runs from the last over.

Naveed Hassan will bowl this critical last over.
Over: 6 | Summary: 1 0 2 0 1 1 Bowler: Umair Tariq Score: 66/2
5.6 Umair Tariq to Himanshu Jha, on a length on middle and off, slog swept over the top towards deep square leg; Himanshu was content with the single even as Akbarjan wanted to come back for the second. Right then - Vienna CC require 12 off the final over!
5.5 Umair Tariq to Abdullah Akbarjan, full in the channel, drilled towards extra cover for a single. What can Himanshu do off the final delivery?
5.4 Umair Tariq to Abdullah Akbarjan, slower delivery that is full and well outside off, steps out and looks to heave across the line but he fails to get bat on ball
5.3 Umair Tariq to Abdullah Akbarjan, on a length around off, heaved towards deep mid-wicket before they charge across; Akbarjan just about slides his bat in on time as the keeper flicks off the bails!
5.2 Umair Tariq to Abdullah Akbarjan, APPEAL TURNED DOWN! Round the wicket, angling in on a full length on off, Akbarjan plays all around the heave as the ball thuds into his pads. Looked very close but the umpire was disinterested!
5.1 Umair Tariq to Himanshu Jha, short and wide outside off, would have been a wide had he left it alone but he chops a pull off the pitch towards the leg-side as he had to reach for it; Akbarjan gets back on strike though!
A big over for Vienna CC, with 15 runs and a wicket from it and after 5 overs, Vienna CC are 61/2 and they need just 17 runs in 2 overs now.

Another bowling change, with Umair Tariq being introduced into the attack, to bowl the critical 6th over of this innings.
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