Salzburg CC 99/7 (10 ov)
Vienna CC 55/9 (10 ov)
Salzburg CC won by 44 runs.
Player of the match: Mubashar Ali-1
That's all for now, but do join us tomorrow for another exciting day of Cricket, in ECS. Also, do not forget to follow the two games from ECS Portugal that get underway in about an hour and a half. For now, on behalf of Pragadeesh and Soorya, I have been Ankit bidding you farewell! 
Vienna CC need to re analyse their approach, and work on their tactics going forwards in the tournament. Salzburg CC started the tournament with a loss but have announced themselves with this emphatic win to make others aware that they are a team that can be tough. A pretty evenly match series so far in Vienna, that will continue to enlighten us with it's close encounters. 
Salzburg bowlers were on the money, everyone barring Ali Shah contributed to the wicket tally, and were economical at the same time. Vienna CC, under pressure had no answers, and were outplayed in every department. Salzburg CC apart from bowling and batting were pinpoint at fielding too, did not drop catches that came their way, and made only a few errors in the field. Taking all the catches is always a big help to the bowlers and Salzburg CC were on point with that today. 
The Vienna CC top order in contrast to Salzburg CC failed to arrive at the party, and were quickly sent back without making a huge impact. The middle order was left exploited and were vulnerable to a very good bowling line up. Salzburg CC though took no chances and kept taking wickets regularly, to add onto the disappointment of Austria, to not let any small hope remain with them. 
Their bowlers did not start off all that well with the new ball, but did marginally well to fight back and pick up 7 wickets. Although the damage was pretty much done with the top 3 of Salzburg firing and getting in useful runs for their teams. They combined for almost all the runs scored. Shahbaz and Bilal got off to a perfect start with a quick 49 run partnership to set up the platform for Asif to take over the baton and continue the rampage. Asif made sure he stayed through to the end scoring 30 runs at the strike rate of 196. The middle order didn't do much harm to Vienna CC but then they did not need to either. 
Vienna CC will be disappointed with this performance today. They are a much better team than the scorecard depicts, and they'll have to work really hard to qualify. They have three wins under their belt, so they know their strengths but today they have lost both their games, that hampers their chances of qualifying. 
That'll be a wrap with Salzburg winning by a comfortable margin of 44 runs. A very good display by the Salzburg unit, with bat and ball. They got enough on the board, and did an even better job at defending their total. 
55 /9 score
cricket ball icon Saadii Cheema
9.6 Saadii Cheema to Himanshu Jha, full at the stumps, slog swept into the deep square leg region as the fielder picks up. Vienna CC have been put out of their misery at last! They have been humbled by Salzburg by a mammoth 44 runs!
9.5 Saadii Cheema to Saurabh Luthra, back of a length at the stumps, hangs back and drops his bat towards square leg for a single
9.4 Saadii Cheema to Saurabh Luthra, on a full length outside off, drives it back to the bowler with a solid straight bat
Saurabh Luthra, right hand bat, comes to the crease. 
9.3 Saadii Cheema to Jayaprakash Arukkutty, OUT! SOFT DISMISSAL! Back of a length outside off, Arukkutty hops in his crease before spooning a cut straight into the hands of backward point! Having taken some stunners today, there is no way the fielders are going to miss this one! NINE DOWN NOW!
9.2 Saadii Cheema to Himanshu Jha, back of a length on off, pulled along the ground towards deep square leg for a single
9.1 Saadii Cheema to Himanshu Jha, FOUR! STREAKY! Dropped short in the channel, Himanshu pulls but the extra bounce takes the edge and flies over the slip fielder before racing across to the ropes. 50 up at last but it is futile now for Vienna!
Wickets continue to fall for Vienna CC who have been blown away today. Asher the first to go in the over, after connecting a short pitched ball, and the new man Junaid Syed departs for a golden duck. Looks like Vienna CC could be all out before the end of the innings. Statistically they are anyway out of the game. A brilliant performance from Salzburg today. 
48 /8 score
cricket ball icon Mubashar Ali-1
8.6 Mubashar Ali to Jayaprakash Arukkutty, APPEAL TURNED DOWN! Sliding off a length onto the pads, was going well down leg as Arukkutty fails to get bat on the attempted tuck behind square
Jayaprakash Arukutty, right hand bat, comes to the crease. 
8.5 Mubashar Ali to Junaid Syed, OUT! SOFT DISMISSAL! On a full length and wide outside off, reaches for it and slices it; ends up lobbing in front of him as the keeper and the bowler converge before the former pouches it! This is turning into a disaster for Vienna!
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