Vienna CC 112/5 (10 ov)
Vienna Danube 98/7 (10 ov)
Vienna CC won by 14 runs.
Player of the match: Quinton Norris
Vienna CC won this match by 14 runs!

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VCC in the death overs came back strong as they did not concede boundaries, bowled tight lines, and pull off the win as they defend the total. For VID it was just that the early wickets that they lost just came back to haunt them towards than when they were needed the most.
Aziz and Safi then came out to the middle, Safi could not last long but Aziz carried on alongside Soleimankhel who stuck around with him and the duo took calculated risks and found the boundaries consistently to keep their side alive in the run chase.
As it looked like the duo would take the game away from VCC, things took a turn. Both the batters looking to slog the balls lost their wickets back to back. VID once again were into trouble as they had just got halfway through the chase when they lost both their explosive batters.
VID were 2-2 all of a sudden and in crisis. Klair and the new man in Omari decided to display some fearless batting as they started to just hammer the balls to all parts of the ground. The duo unleashed carnage mode which lasted for a couple of overs.
Coming into chase 113 runs, VID did not have the best of start to the chase as they lost their skipper in the first over itself who was run out by some brilliant bit of fielding. Shaukat was promoted up the order to slog the balls but lost his wicket as well.
What an entertaining contest this turned out to be, VCC holds their nerve towards the end and bowl some quality overs in the death. Just 14 runs came from the last 3 overs and probably was needed, no boundaries were scored after the first ball of the 8th over as well for VID.
Over: 10 | Summary: 0 1 1 0 1 W Bowler: Mark Simpson Parker Score: 98/7
9.6 Mark Simpson-Parker to Adel Sherifullah, OUT! CLOSES THE GAME IN STYLE! Full at the stumps, goes inside out over mid-off but he picks out the man in the outfield who runs in and pouches a simple one! A remarkable comeback with the ball in the end from Vienna CC - they emerge winners by 14 runs in this contest!
9.5 Mark Simpson-Parker to Aziz Khatak, aims for the yorker on middle stump, steps out and drives the low full toss inside out towards short cover for just a single. This has been an absolute masterclass in death bowling from Simpson-Parker!
9.4 Mark Simpson-Parker to Aziz Khatak, full and angling in on middle stump, gives himself room and has an almighty swing across the line but ends up getting beaten! THIS SHOULD BE THE GAME NOW!
9.3 Mark Simpson-Parker to Adel Sherifullah, follows the batsman and fires it fully around leg-stump, clears his front leg and heaves it over mid-wicket as the fielder jogs to his right and keeps it inside the ropes; getting out of hands now for Vienna Danube! 16 runs needed in 3 balls, needs to find the boundary ropes now
9.2 Mark Simpson-Parker to Aziz Khatak, right into the blockhole in the corridor, gets under it, and drills it out to the man at the cover before crossing over! 17 runs needed in 4 balls
9.1 Mark Simpson-Parker to Aziz Khatak, full and dipping into a yorker length outside off, Khatak steps out and fails to connect as he shapes up to go inside out over extra cover! Top start from Parker! 18 runs needed in 5 balls now
Mark Simpson Parker comes on to bowl the final over
18 runs needed from the final over. A great penultimate over that one by Abdullah as just 4 runs came from that over. The game has now slipped in favor of VCC with that brilliant over from Abdullah which dried down the boundaries completely.
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 W 1 1 0 1 Bowler: Abdullah Akbarjan Score: 95/6
8.6 Abdullah Akbarjan to Aziz Khatak, on a length, pulled away along the mid-wicket region and into the deep as he retains strike!
8.5 Abdullah Akbarjan to Aziz Khatak, very full outside off, drilled straight back to the bowler! PRICELESS DOT BALL!
8.4 Abdullah Akbarjan to Adel Sherifullah, on a length outside off, heaved to the right of the bowler and towards mid-on before crossing over
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